/disenchant for prison

You see when u make a pickaxe and it levels up you can upgrade a certain custom enchant and if you click the wrong thing its just gonna be there you cannot disenchant it. i feel that /disenchant is needed. and when you disenchant you should get the Upgrade Token back. instead of mining around 400k blocks for another token. - KT

#8429 - Status: open

3 months ago by Im_Katie for Prison

Combat Time And /fix all,/pv Abuse

There Should Be A Combat Time In Creative.

All The Staff Don't Pay Attention To Creative, It Does Not Have a Combat Time And Every One Can Instant Teleport
Its Not A Big Suggestion. And The Staff Of ExtremeCraft Take Creative Non Seriously. In Creative There's Also PvP Its The Same Pvp As the Pvp In Prison Or
Surv.. See more

#6720 - Status: accepted

1 year ago by Im_Katie for Creative