Extra gen buckets

It's come to my attention that there are other blocks that have higher durability than obsidian, according to /od durabilities. I thought that it might be nice to allow gold block/diamond block gen buckets so we could make our walls have higher durabilities rather than just using plain old obsidian. Plus, I think gold/diamond block walls would look cool and it takes the hassle out of actuall.. See more

#5509 - Status: rejected

4 months ago by Bulkseller for Factions

Disable regenerating walls.

Hello, I'm rather new to the factions part of this server, but there is a few important things that I've noticed with the game play. My faction has recently tried raiding a few bases and we've run into a few issues. One is obviously the fact that the obby buster plugin is rather buggy, however I believe a new update has fixed that, I do thank Dieu for his hard work on that. Another t.. See more

#5083 - Status: rejected

5 months ago by Bulkseller for Factions