HideAndSeek Commands

Disguise as a random block and hide in the map, the seekers will come for you and if you get caught you become one of them!
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These are the commands for each plugin in this server. This list is a compilation of the /help docs in-game.

Click the spoiler under each header to see the commands.

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• /back: Return to previous location.
• /connect: Connect to server.
• /discord: Link your account with Discord
• /disposal: Item disposal
• /helpop: Message online admins.
• /home: Teleport to your home.
• /homelist: List of your homes.
• /kitpreview: Kit preview!
• /ping: Check your ping.
• /prefix: Set your prefix/title!
• /premiumshop: Open Premium Shop.
• /sethome: Set your home
• /spawn: Go to spawn
• /toggledeathmessages: Toggle death messages
• /togglestreammessages: Toggle stream (join/quit) messages
• /tpa: Teleport to a player.
• /tpyes: Accept teleport request.
• /tpno: Deny teleport request.
• /tpahere: Ask player to teleport to you.
• /tprandom: Teleport to random location...
• /tptoggle: Enable/disable teleportation
• /unsethome: Remove your home
• /usermanager: UserManager commands.
• /vote: Vote!
• /warps: Warps
• /whereami: Where am I?

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• /register: Register an account.
• /login: Login into a account.
• /logout: Logout.
• /changepassword: Change your password.
• /account: Information about your account.
• /addemail: Add email to your account.
• /rpblush: Blush...
• /rpsneeze: Sneeze...
• /rpburp: Burp...
• /rpcough: Cough...
• /rpfart: Fart...
• /rpcry: Cry...
• /rprage: Rage...
• /rpsick: Feeling sick?
• /rpslap: Slap?
• /rpinlove: In love? <3
• /rpexcited: Excited?
• /rpkiss: Kiss another player...
• /rphug: Hug another player...
• /rppat: Pat another player...
• /rppoke: Poke another player…

[+] Click to show/hide
• /has List: Shows a list of arenas
• /has Join: Join a new game
• /has Leave: Leave your current game
• /has Stats: View your current stats
• /has Lobby: Teleports to the global lobby
• /has Info: View some plugin information
• /has Admin: Shows a list of Admin commands

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