Who can help me....:(

You're a prisoner and you'll have to mine your way out of the prison.
Use the XP boosters and special tools to rank up faster.

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If someone can teach me how to play Prisons...PLEASE.....HELP.........:(

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Prisons is a minigame where you get a pickaxe and you mine as much as you can to rankup. Do /warp A at first to get to the mine of your rank. Then go to the mine and mine so you can rankup. It will say rankup if you ranked up on your screen. Then do /warp B because you are in rank B, get it? Now mine until you rankup in B, then C, then D, and so on. If you keep on mining, you can get a miner key. Do /warp crates when you get one (The key will be in your inventory). When you get there go near the Miner Crate and have the miner key in your hand. Right Click with the key to open the crate. Look at your inventory to see if you got anything new. If not look at the chat. It will say what you got in the chat if there is nothing new in your inventory. :ok_hand: :+1: <3 :D

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