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It's been a while, a long long time, since the last update but here we are back at it again.
We added and changed lot of stuff and I'll probably, most likely, forget some of it while writing this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

New RolePlay system and new RP commands

For the happiness of everyone and some people in particular, looking at you people from Creative, we reworked the roleplay system and while I was at it I added a few new RP commands you can abuse such as: /tickle, /spin, /clap, /punch, /pout, /greet, /roar and /sleepy


Name Change System

We offer you, non-premium players, a whole new and fully automated way to change your in-game username.
No more tickets and long waits just to change name.

You can do it here: https://www.extremecraft.net/account.ph ... geusername
Or alternatively, you can access it like this:
Click on your name (top-right of the page) -> "Your Account" -> "Change Username"
You will need to be logged in the website to see it.

New Skin System and /skin name

We also reworked entirely the way we're handling skins, it's now lightning fast and the new changes allowed us to introduce some changes that people requested since a while.
You are now able to use /skin name in game to retrieve the last known name of the skin you're currently using.



Some of you requested to be able to see the various cooldowns that are still active on your account so here you have it.
You can keep track of all the cooldowns and their expirations without risking to issue commands by mistake and get new cooldowns just because you wanted to check the remaining time.

Loads of perks for Nexus

As you may have noticed we introduced a whole new fancy rank, Nexus.
For this reason, we've been working on a bunch of new fancy features and perks that would come with it such as:
/boat to spawn a boat anywhere, any time.
/weaponkills to keep track of the kills of your weapons by adding a kill counter to their description
Editable signs to edit already placed signs with shift+right click
/rename to rename your favorite items with ugly names
/mecolors and /party chatcolor because everyone likes colors and messy chats
/tame to tame any tameable mob just by looking at it
Custom join/leave and custom kill messages

and lot of extra new things, you can find almost everything here: https://buy.extremecraft.net/page/ranks/


After a bit less than a year of development, I'm proud to announce the base for new minigames is now complete.
We will be releasing BedWars in the next few days as public beta and that will be the first minigame of a hopefully long series that will be powered by the new minigame system.

We tried to be as unique and original as possible so please don't get scared if the BedWars you'll see will be slightly different than the version you see on other servers. After all if you wanted to play the same BedWars you could have simply played it on other servers.

Here's a little preview of our plans for the future releases: BedWars, revamped EggWars, SpleefGames (several games based on spleef concept)
We're also planning to revamp all our current minigames and apply balance fixes, looking at you SurvivalGames kits, and mostly bug fixes with eventually some new features.

But here's a little preview of BedWars:
A fancy shot with shaders that shows so much and nothing at the same time.


The most controversial and annoying project I've been working on ever probably due to the number of people complaining and crying about it :rolling_eyes:
I've been working on this one as well and this time the effort was entirely focused on improving Killaura checks.
No, the update is not live yet it still needs some work.
I'll see if we can manage to release it with BedWars or within the same week.

I left behind a really long list of things and stuff we added or changed in the past months, I simply couldn't include everything.
Also, I'm fairly certain that almost nobody read everything until this point anyway.
If you want to have a complete list of updates almost live you can follow my #dev-live-updates channel on our Discord, click here: https://discordapp.com/invite/bhZKakC

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Lobhudelei wrote:
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Awesome :clap: loving it :clap:

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EC <3 <3 <3

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I'm coming back just for bedwars. #HYPE

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