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The long-awaited rank is now here :ok_hand:

Long ago you requested to add a whole new rank that would be placed above Extreme and today, after about 2 years, we delivered.
We gathered as many suggestions as we could but this time we didn't want an insanely OP rank that would make the game even more pay2win and unfair for people with lower rank.

We wanted to add something new that would be appealing and cool but at the same time that would keep things balanced (or at least that wouldn't make them more unbalanced...)

So I present you the new Nexus rank :D
You can see its features here:
And if you want you can purchase it here:

And we will keep adding new features over time and try to follow the same path we want to keep things balanced, as all things should be.
I also provided to add a little easter egg to the rank, some of you might enjoy it.

I decided to let all the players with Nexus rank join the beta of our BedWars server which will start in the next few days!
If you can't or don't want to buy a rank don't worry, I'll open up few spots for everyone else as well

And here's the list of Top Voters for the previous month:
  • Kiriusz (55 EUR Coupon)
  • AP (45 EUR Coupon)
  • Syther1988 (35 EUR Coupon)
  • RitzyPirateFowl (25 EUR Coupon)
  • Cluckinator9000 (25 EUR Coupon)
Since we changed the store and we are still currently working on it we won't be able to hand out coupons.
Instead, we will be giving directly perks and ranks that you request.
To claim your reward simply PM Dieu here on the forum by clicking this: ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose

Footnote, unrelated to the post.
I know some of you are discontent with our anticheat, just know I am currently working on a highly improved, hopefully, version that will be released more or less with bedwars, so stay tuned be prepared to get autobanned to hell and back.

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