Hey most of opsurvival map is griefed and is unable and is claimed. And it gets so little players .Please think resetting it.

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6 months ago by DiabloManiac for Opsurvival



can we get a reset for opsurvival it's been awhile

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1 year ago by DevilLunitic for Opsurvival


Reset OpSurvival

Reset OpSurvival.
A lot of people got money for christmas and if you reset opsurvival right now a lot of people will buy legendary keys and you will make money and the community will be happy. Also most polls lasted 1 day the poll on opsurvival is 4 days old now.

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2 years ago by _tip for Opsurvival


Reset OPSurvival.

A reset for OPSurvival is necessary because there are barely 10 players online a day.

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3 years ago by ExoField for Opsurvival