Digthepit is a cool event on prison but my opinion is It's better to add some new blocks with different points
It would be cool huh ?

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1 week ago by Aaaagogobr for Prison



ec is being destroyed !!! Make new games and advertise server on Youtube

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4 weeks ago by XxLiVe for Prison



Make a op prison plz

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2 years ago by simonsims3 for Prison


Make Prison great again !

This prison server is for sure original and beautiful, but me and most of the people are not enjoying this gamemod.

So I am here, maybe not the first one, saying that, but you guys should consider making a OpPrison or just a Prison.

But the basic one with op CE like explosion high efficiency, high fortune etc and the big cube mines.

Those are the Prison I enjoy the most.

Thanks for r.. See more

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2 years ago by simonsims3 for Prison


Prison Rest


I Heard About Prison Rest So I Got A Big Suggetions To Change The Game To Better

#1:Token Its Make The Game Better Like To Enchant Sword Or Picks Armor Etc Like Sword Can Have Ce Like Breach Storm Etc

Pick Can Have Salesman Or Drill And A New Ce Called Fly Its Allow You To Fly In Your Mine

Armor Can Have Tanked Even Like RPG SoulBound So When You Die You WIll Now Lose It

Dr.. See more

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3 years ago by iH4x0rBunnie for Prison