1.16 or 1.17 or 1.14 creative

it would be fun if extremecraft had 1.16 or 1.17 or 1.14 creative cause the new versions have so much more and 1.8.9 creative can be boring most of the times with 1.14 or higher you can use very good blocks for building/decorating and i think you should add atleast 1.14 or 1.16

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1 month ago by abigL2 for Creative


Creative Bug

There is a bug in creative where if You sometimes stack up items (example: cobblestone)
It won't, and will glitch out.
I know I am banned (For now), I know this from a long time and happens to alot of people.

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3 months ago by FlameyosFlow for Creative


1.16 Creative reset

Creative desperately needs a reset because as you can see, the previously bustling gamemode is possibly at its worst in years. And I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this. I also suggest bumping the server to 1.16.x. You can say that creative needs it the most, but in reality I think all servers need a 1.16 reset soon. I have several reasons pros and cons to list as well.
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7 months ago by LifelessAxl for Creative


Need a better spawn

I think we need a better spawn in this creative server
Hope you can make it for the members
What a nice server!!!!!!!
Thank you for reading

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3 years ago by SEED_Gaming for Creative