I recommend improving prison; prison needs improments in so many ways.
1- More Crates And Crate Rewards.
More crates will make it more challenging to get the high valuables. As for example, Basic crates have only basic items. Nexus Crate. Vote Crate. (Prestige Crate. Rebirth Crate. in prison)

2- Add In-Game Rewardable Seasonal & Permanente Ranks Only On The Same Gamemode.
Ranks Being obtainable for free would be one from the main reasons player will be joining the server more often.
3- Player Levels With Rewards Each Level.
4- Rewardable Kit Vouchers.
Kit Vouchers are kits that can be claimed for free. For Example , I won a Nexus kit Voucher ; I right click it. I got the nexus kit one time for free.
5- In prison: Make The Pickaxes Break One Hit, Have More Upgrades And Levels Up Faster. Add Backpacks
Starter kits should be a little better especially in Prison. Having more Upgrades and leveling faster would be a great improvement. Backpacks would a great help for the Inventory Full problems.
6- Clans.
As For Faction there's a clan right? make it in all servers with whatever Modification it doesn't matter. The priorities in them just /Clan Top , /Clan Rewards, /clan level, /clan missions.
7- Upgradable Islands And Cells.
Upgrades such as making my [cell,island] wider or taller, make it have more member, make it have more droppers.
8- Play-Time, Vote (Streak, Number) Rewards.
9- Gold Shop In Website.
Gold will be a currency bought for real money on the extreme craft website. Gold will be used to buy in-game ranks, money, Kits, Keys.
10- Add Our Discord In The Server Selector.
Adding the discord server's link in the server selector compass would make the people who to get the server's discord more easily and tell the new players that we do have a discord server.

Those Improvements will boost the server considerably cause I see multiple servers who have these SAME things and They ALL have over 2 thousand members online at the same time. I look forward for the reply. Thanks for your time.

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