OPSurvival Resetting Heck

hey! plz tell me the reason my u Guys are resetting Opsurvival 1.17 after 10 days Why sir do u guys dodnt Fix kits ? Why what the bug enters in it huh player Flufferbat told me that opsurvival reset on october22 2021, plz on that day Fix the kits ok ? & in opfaction How u gave a starter kit you guys should give same starter kit Like that Ok ? reset it to if you are sffocated with 1.17.1 use .. See more

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2 days ago by Mars_Alien for Opsurvival


Just a little thing thatll make opsur enjoyable for everyone

reset the end every once in a while (maybe every week?) so everyone can have a chance of getting an elytra, if it didnt only a limited amount of people will have elytras which is unfair, or alternatively you can completely remove them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#8770 - Status: open

6 days ago by 1HesamMega for Opsurvival


Using emerald blocks to repair

What if we can use emerald blocks to repair ce items. It saves a lot of time and is helpful in pvp and also it saves inventory spaces. The repair power of 1 emerald block can be 9 emerald.
I mean 1 emerald block have the same hp recover that 9 emeralds have. Hope you will like my suggestion.

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5 months ago by KalaLion for Opsurvival



Hey most of opsurvival map is griefed and is unable and is claimed. And it gets so little players .Please think resetting it.

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7 months ago by DiabloManiac for Opsurvival


Some Ideas for Improvement in Opsurvival

1.) Add resources pets in quest crates or CTA crates as it is hard to get them in Boss Crates.

2.) The trusted players should not do /claimexplosion without any permission.

Thats the 2 suggestion for the improvement of Opsurvival after the reset. Thank You

#7513 - Status: shortlisted

8 months ago by KalaLion for Opsurvival


a few changes (again)

i also forgot another change kashlxrd would like, and my previous suggestion only got 1 upvote in 2 days so to make it better i decided to suggest the last one
which i forgot about suggesting, that would be pretty good
the only change im gonna ask this time for is actually: a higher chance for opweapons since they are not as good as oparmor (keep the oparmor chance at 0.42% and change the opwe.. See more

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9 months ago by omghelptakenname for Opsurvival


a few changes

opsurvival is resetting very soon, so i want a few changes to be used for the reset
1. a new spawn map
2. add new things to /shop
3. better enchanting mechanics (for example, looting 3 to 8 in 2 times or 5 times)
4. add more claiming features
i hope this dosent gown more downvotes than upvotes, this is my 1st suggestion, stay safe and enjoy 2021 on opsurvival. :)

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9 months ago by omghelptakenname for Opsurvival



There are just a few people left playing and even I lost the fun in opsurvival. I already have absolutely everything even after I gave like 90% of my stuff away at a drop party. (Already 2months ago) I wasn’t playing after this but even now it isn’t funny at all.

That’s it.
Have a good day.

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1 year ago by SxyHxllo for Opsurvival



can we get a reset for opsurvival it's been awhile

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1 year ago by DevilLunitic for Opsurvival


Reset opsurvival

Pls reset opsurvival

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1 year ago by ___F4de___ for Opsurvival


Reset Time

Please reset OpSurvival soon. The server is almost dead and we all are waiting for the economy revival and reset so everyone comes back to opsurvival to play.
It has been too long since the server reset and it really needs one

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1 year ago by SerialKisser for Opsurvival


We should reset it

I have been changing servers on Extreme craft like shoes this past 2 weeks and did meet like 10 players that were hyped on starting playing on fresh opsurvival server...even i am hyped for it. Its been year from last reset guess it is time to refresh it and bring again players to it,
Let opsurvival breath again with freshness and happiness in this Christmas times =)
Thanks in advance =)

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1 year ago by Susumimichio for Opsurvival


Reset OpSurvival

Reset OpSurvival.
A lot of people got money for christmas and if you reset opsurvival right now a lot of people will buy legendary keys and you will make money and the community will be happy. Also most polls lasted 1 day the poll on opsurvival is 4 days old now.

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2 years ago by _tip for Opsurvival


Reset OPSurvival.

A reset for OPSurvival is necessary because there are barely 10 players online a day.

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3 years ago by ExoField for Opsurvival