Error in vkeys rewards

I think that there is an error in the rewards of vote keys in Skygrid. As rewards there are Nexus Helmet, Nexus Chestplate, Nexus Boots and Legendary Leggings. I do think that Legendary Leggings are an error and creators did want to insert Nexus Leggings.

#9206 - Status: open

1 year ago by gigioiop for Skygrid



Reset Skygrid Because No One Playing There Right Now, And Lots Of Players Quitting From Extremecraft Because All Servers Are Already Dead, If You Guys Reset Skygrid, Your Server Can Have More Active Members then now! :)

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1 year ago by Lion_Blood for Skygrid


Add /claim fly to skygrid

It would be nice to have /claim fly on skygrid so it would be easier to build in your own claim and make you claim look better. It would not diminish the concept of skygrid since you would still need to go out and get spawners and materials.

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1 year ago by AtypicalMist for Skygrid


I don't understand it

Pls give a better understanding book to how to survive

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2 years ago by zeyxon for Skygrid


Make Slimes Stackable

Since slime farms are popular now, making it stackable would seem fair.

#5790 - Status: open

2 years ago by Shqlom for Skygrid



Suggestion #1- Angel Blocks. you can place these in mid air. Would be useful for making grinders/bases since everything is floating

Suggestion #2- Add some sort of a "special command" that grants members/donors the ability to silk spawners for a certain amount of time ( 30mins-1h) (regenerates every 10h)

Suggestion #3- Make it so Iron Golem Spawners could spawn in wild

Suggestion #4-A.. See more

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4 years ago by PopC121 for Skygrid



Skygrid Server - lot of potential, awesome gameplay, underrated, what could save it.

Add Custom Enchants, why only have them in OP Servers? Add them in SkyGrid too, since skygrid is op too because of the spawners, people will love it and start playing here.

A special pickaxe with a limited number of uses that could be crafted or won from quests or different ways that grants Members and Don.. See more

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4 years ago by DynamoFTW for Skygrid