reset skyblock


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1 month ago by Nezerlicia for Skyblock



All I know is every year is the reset but its more than 1 year and you guys are sayin you have other priorities how does that make sense?

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6 months ago by VapeClienter for Skyblock


Reset skyblock

Reset pvp in Skyblock it's so bad

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1 year ago by AbdoKing_ for Skyblock


reset skyblock no?


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1 year ago by y9m for Skyblock


Party pff member limit

i am saying to increase party pff limit to 60-90 instead of 30 , well i know that you guys have added a limit soo that there is less team fights (big team fights) and there will be more teams, not only one powerful team but 30 member limit is too short atleast increase it to 60-90 and i have a question ,if u wanted to add limint for this, then why do u guys sell party slots??, if limit says .. See more

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1 year ago by Nubye for Skyblock


allow ender peal and pvp mine in arena

first of all hi, i want to allow ender peal in pvp arena that was realy cool, also make combat time from 30 to 15 sec 30 to much, and if it is possible from next seasson to make pvp mine again it was realy good, thanks for reading

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1 year ago by minerisOPkiler11 for Skyblock


The arena and the combat tag

The arena has been changed and most people don't like the new arena. I would tell you to change it back to the old one(last season). The combat tag has been increased to 30 seconds and that's just absurd. When people want to get out of the area, they are going to have to wait 30 seconds till they can and that's just way too much. No one likes it and people complain about it all day. .. See more

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1 year ago by ChickenReflexes for Skyblock


Skyblock Reset

Hello staff team,
Could you reset skyblock at 6 months of it running (in 1 and a half months)? There's no chance for new players to reach island top at this point of this season because the island level needed to reach it is too high. The economy is already broken too, random spawners went from 30mil to 55-60mil and more in like 2 days. Everyone is stuck, we can't compete or actually d.. See more

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1 year ago by Raulpokermaster for Skyblock



What The Fuck is wrong with People ?? It is the second time Someone Just Entered my island And pushed my Resource pets into Lava. Like What The Fuck. The first time I reported No one answered and I let it go, but this time, both of my pets were found in lava when I logged in. It is no more funny. I asked a staff and I was suggested to lock use of lever.....and guess what, I need a rank for that .. See more

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1 year ago by x0x_Devil_x0x for Skyblock


Big Skyblock Update

Hey, I think you should add public wheat, potato, carrot farms, and big caves thing to skyblock to change the gameplay from grinding 24/7 or p2w to more fun, I think this would be good fun mainly for newbies and would change the gameplay for better (after reset) Hypixel skyblock might be the inspiration for you! :D I would buff spawners a lot tho and make everything active without AFK, also turn.. See more

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1 year ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock



Make a new gamemode..
Slimefun Skyblock.. its just a mix of RPG and Skyblock but harder cuz it will be hard to get the resources..

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1 year ago by Lucif1er for Skyblock


MultiTool improvement

There is MultiTool kit for hero+, could you add to this hoe /is addlevels?

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1 year ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock


/is lock

Hi, could you make possibility of locking island without locking nether? I hope u can do it its not changing to much but would really help me I must ban whole team that is next to me so they wouldnt spy on my island but got very important shop in nether.
Example of commands:
/is lock island
/is lock nether

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1 year ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock


Buff Cactus / Make it worth placing

For now cactus is pretty much not worth placing at all, 1 Piece of cactus sells for $2 each.
Now that's pretty low, even though you guys have tried to make skyblock less p2w by making iron not being sellable, I still think cactus should get a small buff.
1 Piece of cactus should in my opinion at least sell for $4-$5 or make it that Cactus actually gives point.
I think it should give 5-10.. See more

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1 year ago by minechats for Skyblock


skyblock shop

make so we can buy cactus at shop

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1 year ago by xStop_Scam for Skyblock


Read this :)

You should reset skyblock because its been more than a year, and honestly, its now boring for us that theres no more fun there. Its becoming more boring with time, so can you reset is SooN?

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1 year ago by MrLebanon for Skyblock


Skyblock with slime fun?

In short would it be possible to add slimefun in a skyblock server? It could be like a skyfactory like server because of the machines from slime fun it can make it more automatic and more fun

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1 year ago by JokerMooz for Skyblock


Reset skyblock

Skyblock's economy is destroyed ans barely anyone plays it. Please reset skyblock next ty!!

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2 years ago by Kilotar for Skyblock


Block Values

I think emerald blocks should be worth 200 points instead of 150.

I say this because they are harder to get than gold blocks as you have to trade with villagers to get them, which is already an annoying process.

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2 years ago by Moldenrock for Skyblock


Rp improvement (New Ideas)

Hello! It's Hydonix,
I suggest adding some kind of jobs in the normal skyblock, These jobs will give some exclusive commands and prices in the /shop to the players, and these advantages get better when the players accomplish objectives associated with each job. I have some examples in mind:

Butcher Lvl 1: the only job who has access to food items in /shop.
*needs to accomplish 3 .. See more

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2 years ago by Hydonix for Skyblock



Auction that player auction his item not on the auction house but in the public chat by /auction bid
[Amount] that is i want on the skyblock please make a one not an voidauction its boring... i need auction by players... Please Do Make a One please...

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2 years ago by TVPlayzOP for Skyblock



Please make a Skyblock with RPg features on it thank you <3

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2 years ago by jitsublade for Skyblock


Reset Skyblock

We are hoping for Skyblock to reset because It has been a year or more than a year since the last reset :)

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2 years ago by ItsMystic01 for Skyblock


Separate world for PvP mine or bigger PvP minr

Put the PvP mine in another world like /warp pvpmine or make it little more bigger, like 16x16

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4 years ago by Shqlom for Skyblock