Murder Mystry

Make a game called
-Murder Mystry: if you don't understand this game this game must have 2-16 players to start so this game is having a 1 hero and 1 the murder and 1 the protector murder have iron sword and the protector have a bow infity with 1 arrow and the protector must kill the murder and save everyone and if he died his bow drops and only normal people who can win and the hero is who&.. See more

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2 years ago by Abskhiron for Lobby



-TNT Tag: if you don't understand that game that theres 1-3 players have tnt and if they hit a player that doesn't have the tnt he will lose the tnt and the guy the got hit he will have tnt and the tnt will explode after 2 minutes after tnt explodes players next round the time be shoter from 2 min to 1 min and 30 secounds then 1 minute then 30 secounds then the final player wins and the.. See more

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Game in Game

when you press right click it will show the Servers like Skyblock,skygrid,rpg
why don't you guys make like.. item that shows another menu and it calls games
and you can play some games in it like Flappy bird and google chrome dino thing and much more


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2 years ago by Abskhiron for Lobby


Heads in lobby

A new command that shows you which heads you have found in a list, ordered by the collectible number.

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2 years ago by icuk33 for Lobby


New map for lobby

Please add a new map for lobby some people like me, got bored from the old lobby and would be interested to see a new build in the lobby!

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3 years ago by Chic_k for Lobby



add kpop songs on the lobby's music thing ;))

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3 years ago by kuukiiii for Lobby



allowing people to fly in the lobby

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4 years ago by Deji_uwu for Lobby


We Need BedWars And BuildBattle


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5 years ago by FreeL4uCuzImXV_ for Lobby