Back HideAndSeek

Back HideAndSeek it will be good

#9690 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 day ago by AbdoKing_ for Hideandseek


Unban all and get factions again

Bring us factions again!!!!

#9686 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 days ago by MightyLegijaV for Global



Like an literal RPG i think adding dungeons (/warp) to RPG will make a better experience to player community and should give rewards to the player that completed the dungeons levels.

#9685 - Status: open

2 days ago by c4n4b14n007 for Rpg


New map

A pvp map made with barrier makes fps more and pvp becomes easier, as a result more players play.

#9673 - Status: open

1 week ago by Liveies for Pvp


Choosing map

Do something so that we can choose the pvp map by ourselves

#9672 - Status: open

1 week ago by Liveies for Pvp


MiniGame For prison

Hello, in my opinion, if you make a minigame called prison break, EC players will increase a lot.
The game is for four players. Two people on the guard tower and two people in the prison. First of all, the players have to make a pickaxe using the tools in the prison and close the door. When they leave the prison, there is a fence 5 blocks away from them. They have to cut the ground and Go outsi.. See more

#9671 - Status: open

1 week ago by Liveies for Prison


I think its good idea

Make cells big like pika cells and no roof and unbrokeable blocks ppl will customize cell

#9669 - Status: open

1 week ago by Liveies for Prison


Tpkill is part of this game

Bring back the tpkill again, this was a part of the game, and the person who gets tpkilled should take care of himself, and this does not apply to those who do tpkill.

#9667 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 weeks ago by Liveies for Prison



Hello Hello, if you make a competition every week between the best pvpers of the server, the population of the server will increase. An event where pvpers fight each other and give the title to the winner of the competition. The first time we win title pvper, the second time good pvper Third time God pvper and....

#9660 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by Liveies for Pvp


okay look down lol

can you up the price when u /ah sell in prison only if you want becuase sometimes like i have s7 swrod and its not worth 100m i mean up the price to 100b or 1t it will be good because /ah sell 100m is max let up it just what i mean and thanks vote mee

#9654 - Status: open

1 month ago by AbdoKing_ for Prison


Creative's Heads Bug

Hey _TwoPro_ do you know why the heads when you open inventory just become boring stinky Disgusting Steve heads cause I really need these for something so can you please fix this bug

#9653 - Status: open

1 month ago by itsyassinboy for Global


Server resets

Been a while since I last played EC and it has not reset any servers. Sad... Either add new ones or reset existing ones to regain some interest in some people.

#9646 - Status: closed - See reply

1 month ago by ItsMixed1 for Global


Rotate Armor Stands in Y axis

i once wanted to make a swimming armor stand but it turned out broken and i had to break it, Dieu, please add this feature

#9644 - Status: open

1 month ago by AlexBularca for Creative


opskyblock needs updates

the opskyblock players have been long wanting the gamemode to be updated
we would like the new 1.19 blocks so we can build more stuff with new designs
i would like to to request that for mudblocks to be added , everything coral wise to be added so i can make a tnt duper, the shop needs to get moe things added to sell and more stuff to buy so that the people can make more farms on the opskybloc.. See more

#9633 - Status: closed - See reply

2 months ago by infected237 for Opskyblock


Normal Factions

As a member of this comunity for such a long time (almost 5 years) it really makes me sad to see the actual state of the server, low in players etc.
I would like to suggest the Factions game mode to come back because i can tell a lot of players would come back to play (including me and many of my team members on ECFinest) and would bring new players to the server too. It would be great to come .. See more

#9628 - Status: closed - See reply

3 months ago by DisapointedDelta for Global


revive facs

facs was arguably the best gamemode and it is now dead, and you have done nothing to try to revive it, no new season, no new updates, no unbanalls

just bring back facs please

#9626 - Status: closed - See reply

3 months ago by noxynoxy for Factions


Slime fun infinity extension

We should have the infinity expansion plugin added to slimefun, this would be lots of fun, and add lots more to do, and create more valuable items.

#9615 - Status: open

3 months ago by Mario_Bro for Rpg


Survival plus

In my opinion adding survival plus again to the server would bring back a lot of old fans, since most people likes playing there.
They only had quit because there was never an update.
Now is the chance!

#9608 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 months ago by billyolo77 for Global


Increaseing the amount of pistons placed in a chunk ( Opskyblock )

Hey there, I would like you guys to increase the amount of pistons that you can place in each chunk
I have a project that i'm making and i don't want it to broken , so if please if you can increase it to atleast to 200 in each chunk then i'd be so thanksful <3

#9607 - Status: open

4 months ago by suck for Opskyblock


_OnePro_ Deserves Head Admin !!

Hello to staff team i am Panda4program a normal ec player
I hope people noticed how _OnePro_ is toiling and helping to everybody's request in anytime
I'm not that old in this server to know much about _OnePro_ but I can clearly see it he's trying his best to make ec great again
So he should be head-admin of ec since the current head admin is disappeared a long time ago and I never.. See more

#9605 - Status: open

4 months ago by Panda4program for Global


New gamemode

A new gamemode like prop hunt or murder mystery

#9602 - Status: closed - See reply

4 months ago by TixBloxReturns for Global


Fix Jetboots forever by replacing them with "Speed Boots"

Dear Staff,I remember around 2 days ago extremecraft fixed Jetboots and they are again glitched... 15 hours ago I made a ticket to fix them again, but I feel they will glitch again. So I suggest removing Jetboots and adding "Speed boots". You can make it so that when you wear them you get (speed according to the Jetboots level) so it won't glitch and put you two blocks back and you can still.. See more

#9600 - Status: open

4 months ago by MitanshS for Rpg



it will be nice to see an anrky game mod were everything ligle

#9594 - Status: rejected - See reply

4 months ago by HackerGamerPro for Global


HideAndSeek Back In Lobby

If you can make a HideAndSeek map, it will be great, it will be more fun and more players,
Many players come to the server to play this game mode
So run this game mod HideAndSeek Run
Open this game HideAndSeek <3
Thank you to all the server staff

#9588 - Status: closed - See reply

4 months ago by _TitsMehdi17 for Hideandseek


Bring back opfac and fac

Get back the opfac and fac maps and plugins back like the old good days 2018-2019

#9586 - Status: closed - See reply

5 months ago by easy05 for Opfactions