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if u planning on nerfing something again
doing it right now is best time since hof is over just now or maybe if possible follow my suggestion below
nerfing at last day of hof is not really a good idea
it completely messing up all the grinding done and time spent on something
it would be best if u could add a discord channel like
In #skyblock-broadcasts we can do stuffs like making polls and various update related stuff related to that particular season only this channel wont have anything to do with next seasonal updates
and post the nerf or buffs which is going to happen in " Next Round Of HOF "
and major updates can be still be done normally in #broadcasts
and keeping it clean for major updates
and #polls for major updates and seasonal updates of server or event related for major and which concerns global things
i believe that #factions players need it too very much its not just for skyblock
this will help in more staff-player interaction
iam saying this after i saw todays nerf and what happened after when factions was released before
staff-player interaction will solve problem much more co-operative way
than doing it in website suggestion for something which needs immediate and recent updates

#11009 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by Ha_Rsh for GameModes