Party pff member limit

i am saying to increase party pff limit to 60-90 instead of 30 , well i know that you guys have added a limit soo that there is less team fights (big team fights) and there will be more teams, not only one powerful team but 30 member limit is too short atleast increase it to 60-90 and i have a question ,if u wanted to add limint for this, then why do u guys sell party slots??, if limit says .. See more

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1 year ago by JianIsTrash69 for Skyblock


Skyblock Reset

Hello staff team,
Could you reset skyblock at 6 months of it running (in 1 and a half months)? There's no chance for new players to reach island top at this point of this season because the island level needed to reach it is too high. The economy is already broken too, random spawners went from 30mil to 55-60mil and more in like 2 days. Everyone is stuck, we can't compete or actually d.. See more

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1 year ago by Raulpokermaster for Skyblock


Reset Skyblock

We are hoping for Skyblock to reset because It has been a year or more than a year since the last reset :)

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2 years ago by ItsMystic01 for Skyblock


Helper controversy

I have seen helpers playing skyblock and that gives them a adventage against the other players they can fly, teleport to locked islands and see the secret projects that people have, and flying makes them easier to build. Is this meant to be like this? I suggest that if a helper want to play skyblock should have this type of powers off

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3 years ago by Tomno_09 for Skyblock


Add Party

add Party in skyblock

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4 years ago by lmaop for Skyblock


reset it

plz this game mode was hard sky block but its not hard it was so ez ccan you reset it

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4 years ago by theoldmoltafet for Skyblock