Stacked Gen Buckets

Add stacked gen buckets for more convenience making bases. Buying them one inventory at a time is time consuming/ hassle. Please consider my suggestion for Factions and OpFactions.

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1 year ago by HibouSoup for Opfactions


Stop hiding it!

Can we have hide and seek back?

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8 months ago by Jooooohn for Hideandseek


Cannoning Jar

This suggestion is not coming from me but from all of ExtremeCraft's factions playerbase. We would love to see an update to the cannoning jar since force raiding is nearly impossible and server does not handle cannons too well, which leads to them constantly blowing up due to tps (tick per second) dropping crazily after first couple of shots. Raiding is nearly impossible with the current sit.. See more

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8 months ago by Gabbb for Factions


Pvp server improvements

1. Update elo system: I think everyone agrees the current elo system is very dumb. For example: If a 1600 beats a 1599, they get a total of 2 elo, and the 1599 loses only 2 elo. If a 1599 beats a 1600+, they earn 20+ elo and the 1600+ loses 20+. Please make some kinda algorithm that actually makes sense.

2. Party system like mmc/other practice servers that allows for large teamfights. The.. See more

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6 months ago by mandown31200 for Pvp



ec is being destroyed !!! Make new games and advertise server on Youtube

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4 weeks ago by XxLiVe for Prison



Hi, i really think u guys should add the game mode ''sumo'' i think a lot of people want this to be added to game and will actually play it. As well maybe u can add sumo 2v2s also. I hope you guys will think about it and make it happen :).

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1 year ago by Shqi for Pvp



improve skywars players with no rank got no chance

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1 year ago by Emprea for Global


/f chest

Add like /f chest that u Can set prems who Can use it.Its like /pv but for faction and u will need to pay 10milion to buy f chest.

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1 year ago by Vuxko for Factions


Subdivided Drop Party

We all know that drop party starts every 1st week of the month, other people are getting excited, others may not, they may annoyed or disappointed, why? Having more than 150 player in a 4 chunk room makes the server laggy (Even though disable playertoggle) , some may not move, some may disconnected. That's why people are getting angry and disappointed in the same time because they are waitin.. See more

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1 year ago by NixDis for Global



Add various ffa like nodebuff ffa
Soup ffa and etc
The current ffa is only Gapple and it's getting boring (atleast for me)
*ffa = free for all

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1 year ago by WhozKai for Pvp


New Gamemode PvP

-----> Sumo <----- Ranked / Unranked
is good :D

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9 months ago by GetSpiders for Pvp


Murder Mystry

Make a game called
-Murder Mystry: if you don't understand this game this game must have 2-16 players to start so this game is having a 1 hero and 1 the murder and 1 the protector murder have iron sword and the protector have a bow infity with 1 arrow and the protector must kill the murder and save everyone and if he died his bow drops and only normal people who can win and the hero is who&.. See more

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1 month ago by Abskhiron for Lobby


Go pvp new game modes

Try adding combo duels and uhc duels maybe?

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9 months ago by zgch for Global


New Game mode

Hey there Extremecraft!
I was just wondering if you guys could add some more game modes like infection, op pvp, and a lot of arcade games. The reason why I think this could help everyone including you guys is because people can have more fun with rank perks, and you guys can get more players on the server! Please reply to my suggestion and have a wonderful day!

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1 year ago by PVPINKLING for Global


Battle Royale Minigame

Please add Battle Royal to minigames I'm sure if you do that, the number of players will increase.
Like Battle Royale in other games, Games can be played for 100 or 50 people It doesn't matter what rank they hold, All players are equal in Battle royale
The game runs on a large map, and spawning players in random places when the game starts

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1 year ago by LGBTQ_Trash for Global


Bridge 1v1 and Sumo 1v1

Well the title explains it. Bridge 1v1 and Sumo 1v1 at /go pvp.

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1 year ago by NobaraSenpai for Pvp


OverPowered PvP

Hello there, EC. It's xiiRecktical_ and um I was wondering if you could add a gamemode in pvp like, OP PvP. You pvp with OverPowered Sets, and Gear. Just like OP servers like Op factions. Thanks.

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1 year ago by Rqpi for Pvp



I Think You Could Make A UHC Server... It Would Be Fun If The Server I Had been Playing On For Years Finally Started Hosting UHCs Or Made A New UHC Server... I Hope This Won't Get Rejected... Because UHC is quite In The HOT section for quite awhile now...So I Thought That Adding In A UHC Server Might Bring Players... And... OH! Make The Diamonds Much More Easier To Find... Because Normal UHC.. See more

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1 year ago by Awsomegirl123 for Global


Infection gamemode (Deadlyfe)

Ive suggested this before but I didn't explain it properly so I will attempt to

Simply infection is a gamemode with a style matching COD. You start off as a human and after 20 seconds 2 of the players in the game will turn into zombies. The aim as a zombie is to infect all the humans, the aim as a human is to stay alive. To infect a human a zombie simply has to kill them and the human wil.. See more

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1 year ago by cqpo for Global



Sumo (no items/armor)
Really popular on PvP servers. (Hypixel or Minemanclub for example).
You basically stand on a platform and have to punch the other player off! It’s a really fun and quick PvP game.

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1 year ago by obeisance for Pvp


New Command

I am suggesting a command that allows you to:
-Check who placed or broke a certain block
-Check who opened a chest and took out or put an item in

(Something like "/is inspect" in Skyblock game modes)
I think it would be really helpful to players in their claims instead of pestering staff members to check for them.

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1 year ago by chicly for Survival



I think sumo is a nice game if you add this i am sure people will play this game.Thanks in advance

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1 year ago by eternalx_ for Pvp



Add a minigame dedicated lobby with one-on-one spleef, mini-uhc (2-8 players and a small map - 200blocks each direction from 0,0), death swap, parkour maps and maybe PvE
winning or playing any of the minigames will win you points, top players win perks or coupons just like with other gamemodes

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1 year ago by HarleenIsHot for Global


could we add murder mystery please

Please add murder mystery it's kinda getting boring not trying to be rude

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5 months ago by B3nn3ls0n for Global


Uhc gamemode

I hope you add a gamemode or server for Uhc . It'd be dopee ,thx

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1 year ago by kanowoo for Pvp