Dtp is almost now fully fixed in prison what is of course good job of staff,but still there are 1 big problem left-hackers, since tnt is now underground (and very rare) some people uses xray,autotool to find tnt easally, there are mostly 2 people who get tnt in dtp and call it just a ''luck'' but,if it would be just luck other people would get ATLEAST 1 tnt too, so i suggest you to remove tnt fully.Then only issue will be hastle 10 hackers,but they are very rare so it wont be much work for us(players) to report, and you(staff) to ban them. And then dtp would be a perfect minigame when people have fun.

Thank you for listening


Good luck, have a good day/night!

#8308 - Status: open

3 days ago by MysticGhostDudeM for GameModes