Subdivided Drop Party

We all know that drop party starts every 1st week of the month, other people are getting excited, others may not, they may annoyed or disappointed, why? Having more than 150 player in a 4 chunk room makes the server laggy (Even though disable playertoggle) , some may not move, some may disconnected. That's why people are getting angry and disappointed in the same time because they are waiting for a month and came up getting a single item. That's why I came up with this idea:

How about we're going to subdivide the drop party into 4, Just like Lobby1, Lobby2 and so on. How about making Dropparty1, dropparty2 and so on. Also the stuffs/items will also be divided according to how many subdivided room.

If they do /warp dropparty, the system will randomly teleported the player in a room, making it more less lag because players have been divided into different section. This may help the player satisfactory to the server and make them play more getting the item they dreamed off.

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1 year ago by NixDis for GameModes

Answer: Closed

The dropparties all start on all the servers at the same time, you will never get actually 150 players in the same area.
On top of this, you can only get a limited amount of loot from dropparties after that you won't be able to pickup anymore items giving the chance to everyone to pick something, other than this everyone receives free vote keys with quantity variable depending on the amount of loot they were able to get (the more loot the fewer the keys)

10 months ago by NxDs