Murder Mystry

Make a game called
-Murder Mystry: if you don't understand this game this game must have 2-16 players to start so this game is having a 1 hero and 1 the murder and 1 the protector murder have iron sword and the protector have a bow infity with 1 arrow and the protector must kill the murder and save everyone and if he died his bow drops and only normal people who can win and the hero is who's killing the murder and other players have to collect gold from so much places if they collected 10 gold they get bow and arrow with no enchants and everyone must a half heart and nobody can take fall damage and that's the game btw if the other players: they get 1 more arrow every 10 gold and they must be in a house thanks and that's the game

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2 months ago by Abskhiron for GameModes

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