Add Semi-Rp Gamemode please i like this !

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1 year ago by Haruhito_Cotatsu for Global


Dig The Pit

I think there should be a Dig the Pit ban for any player that sabotages one. Today I got sabotaged bye another player and dropped from 2nd place to 5th place. He was hired from another player named BLACK_999 so he could win easier. This should result in a 12 hour ban from the server and a ban from Dig the Pit. Thank you and I hope this gets accepted.

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12 months ago by P3p3Th3Fr0gB0l for Prison


Creating a Gamemode named something like "Nexus"

Basically , There's 4 teams , Which there are maps with a beacon in the middle of theses bases.
You have to get stuff from ressources nearby (Trees , Stone , Ores) , but thoses ressources re-appear after 5 seconds or so.
You have to attack the opponents's Beacons with a pickaxe with a set health. ( Beacon could have like 200 Life before death. )
There also should be kits , Sign Shops .. See more

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1 year ago by AngelAndDevilAmy for Global