STB is back and updated to version 1.14-1.18

the sensibletoolbox has finaly returned
can we please have it back on the rpg server it will makes things more fun
and it works on version 1.14-1.18

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4 months ago by Thedarksensei726 for Rpg


I wish the RPG server will reset this year.

Admins maybe this year 2020 the RPG will totally reset because the players on that server is decreasing as the time goes. Maybe the RPG is not so popular server on extremecraft but how about the players on that playing it? I know the plugins is not ready yet but the survival, skyblock, faction servers are always reseting once or twice every year! Me I mean we RPG players want you to be fair! We .. See more

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2 years ago by Imnooobro for Rpg


Server Restart/Wipe consideration


Can you do a server restart? Like a whole wipe and we have to start all over again?
Atleast consider this please.

Thank you

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3 years ago by lendurr for Rpg


New fun minigame (not for prizes)

Make a MOB arena challenge map? team up with friends and take on the Horde of Horrors to fight your way through numerous levels to reach the final boss to earn some fun special item (and have like 20-40 different ones for fun/replaying), but make it adjust to number per party (up to 8).

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3 years ago by Adam_Malkovich for Rpg


Mre adventure more fun!

please add boses and dungeons so thhat we dont get bored

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4 years ago by TorpidFlares for Rpg



Please reset RPG, it is by far my favorite gamemode, and would love to see it reset, even if it did not get a full reboot. I know you are probably busy with prison that just reset, but I would love to see you move on to improve and reset other game modes also. On a side note, the spawn area of the RPG used to be a little different, with like a large gazebo as the middle starting spawn area but g.. See more

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4 years ago by SuperDak for Rpg