mcmmo axes

with 1 17 version axes sharp 5 does 12 dmg and u can get legendry sharp7 which in netherite does 14 dmg and with mcaxes level 1k+ does 18dmg and 135 armor dmg it needs a nerf

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5 months ago by TyrionLv for Opsurvival



Trash ppl without pvp skill spams axes mcmmo and they bugs the mcmmo reset to spam it everytime without cooldown , plus autoclick is very unfair in /pvp

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5 months ago by OGIMortalWarrior for Opsurvival



Can i ask how people do this like they put enchant over and over again.example
Like that how?

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11 months ago by Kisama123 for Opsurvival


No CE in claims...?

I've recently joined OpSurvival to just have some fun, and I've not logged on Minecraft for about a month or two (school). And apparently you can't use CE in claims, NOT EVEN IN YOUR OWN! I just think this is REALLY not necessary, and should be removed.

Thanks staff team for doing great work <3

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1 year ago by Totalhuman for Opsurvival


Custom Enchant Removal

Please remove Phoenix Down or nerf it so that it does not drop Iron Golem eggs on opsurvival.
I am saying this with evidence that the enchant has completely destroyed the server economy. A season ago, opsurvival's baltop #1 had 5.2b at the end of the season, and that too, p2w. This season, baltop 1 who hasn't been online for 3 months has above a hundred billion. Iron golem spawner and .. See more

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1 year ago by SerialKisser for Opsurvival


Remove Phoenix Down

When Phoenix Down got added in OpSurvival it ruined the community as most of the people started using auto clickers and make alts with auto clickers so they can grind Iron golem eggs and this enchant ruined the game as now if u check baltop for opsurvival people constantly grind eggs and change spawners and are right now on 72bil balance at opsurvival and Phoenix Down has made the game less fun .. See more

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1 year ago by Bandit_Ozu for Opsurvival



pls add real mending because not everyone want to pvp thx for reading

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1 year ago by paddestoel6ok for Opsurvival


Custom Enchant

An Enchantment Called STUN There is only I and II. I has 1% of Stunning the enemy for 3Seconds. And II has 3% of Stunning for 5Seconds. And in the Ce Shop The enchant STUN is goona have a low chance of dropping in the Ce Shop

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2 years ago by Havicnax for Opsurvival



It would be nice if you guys add PhoenixDown custom enchant to all OPservers and not only OPskyblock and acidisland.

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2 years ago by Bilind for Opsurvival



You should realy add ''Block" ce on swords so if someone tries to hit the other there will be like a chance that his hit is dodged and get a small knockback
Chances should be like
Lvl 1: 5%
Lvl 2: 10%
Lvl 3 : 15%

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3 years ago by Nitanity for Opsurvival


Clonner Custom enchants

I am here with an other suggestion for extremecraft Team
Clonner Custom enchant Is a Cool idea that team can add to the OP game mods like opsurvival
But what is actually Clonner Custom enchant Is ?
Clonner custom enchant will make A Clone of you with 30% of your Hp And 20% of your attack damage He will Fight For you
and the NPC Will Defend you from other Players who just attacking.. See more

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3 years ago by LordBlackWood for Opsurvival


Trench picaxe

Trench picaxe is a picaxe that mines block faster
level 1:2x2
level 2:3x3
level 3:4x4
keeps going

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3 years ago by ImNotSplashing for Opsurvival



Add a jump boost custom enchant. And make it up to lvl 4.

P.S. i want to play skywars

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4 years ago by _tip for Opsurvival


New jump boost book

There is many cool enchants, drill, smelt, speed, dragon heath and more... What with jump boost? There is already speed for boots so mabey can you add jump boosts I-III like speed? I think it might be very cool.

Can you add some special stuff for ranks donor-extreme? The kits and the commands are very cool and usefull, but for make the game better for us can you add some kit or enchant shop f.. See more

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4 years ago by JungleYuumi for Opsurvival