Concerning Custom Named Tools & Armour

Please give the ability to remove or change the name of tools and armor with custom lore (aka Sword of Atilla, Chestplate of Achilles). When trying to combine my shovel named Monks Spade with some diamonds to repair the durability, I was greeted with the message "You cannot rename items with custom lore." This pertains mainly to survival, but it may be a problem in other server types so please c.. See more

#9047 - Status: open

1 month ago by SkillzGaming1 for Survival


Phoenix down in survival .

It is true that Custom enchants are only for OP servers. But really, some servers, such as Survival, are so popular that more people are playing them and need a little change. I ask you to add 5 or more Custom enchants with new names. Especially add "Phoenix down" to the survival server. In this case, the players in this section may increase 1.5 times. Players can get their eggs and make a lot o.. See more

#5281 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by Ou for Survival



AUTO should be a Custom enchant. It would be able to auto dig

#3457 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 years ago by Cheese_Deity for Survival


plz add nether stone brick in shop

plz add nether stone brick in shop becase i not found any nether tower in neher. :confounded:

i want build house nether stone brick and to very hard make a lot in game.

plz plz plz NxDs and any admin add nether stone brick in game

#1575 - Status: closed - See reply

4 years ago by ERWINROMEL1944 for Survival