Trench pickaxe


For next season there should be some sort of trench pickaxe be implemented.
Something simular like the opfactions Drill enchant would be perfect!

This would make overworld a more populair location to play.


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2 years ago by MrW1nter for Factions


how can i enchant custom enchants

i have custom books but i dont know use. help me pls

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2 years ago by 1skunk for Factions


Adding Custom Enchants

Hello peeps I'm RegularSavage you might know me from factions and I think it's time for us to get custom Enchants on the server. I think it's going to be cool and more helpful to players in pvp and envoys. Although this sounds cool you can only get it from legendary crates and the chances are slim. I think we should also get a legendary book from fishing (slim chances for fishing lik.. See more

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2 years ago by SovietMafia for Factions



We should add custom enchants that are not as op to factions so then theirs more viraity in the armer so like u have a op sever with custom and a normal with customs

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2 years ago by Foundkarma1119 for Factions


Custom Enchant Suggestion

I'm not sure if it would ruin factions or not, just an idea. But what about a few grinding custom enchants and small PvP enchants but nothing too over powered so just things to give a little extra boost such as maybe dragon heart 1, Speed 2 and Strength 2 but have chances to fail and destroy the Armour/Tool

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3 years ago by MrPoofed for Factions



i want an custom enchant that can be put on/ from crates/kits and that custom enchant is speed 2 on boots. then u dont need to have ur half inv off speed pots. and then u can have more strengh or sets so i hope u put this in the game :D

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3 years ago by dominotomi for Factions



A enchants that you can have with new kit "BOW"
and in this kit there is a bow with the enchants to block people for 3sec so for like 3sec or less say CANT move. The kit can be taken every 7days ;D
AND you can do MCMMO with it like if oyu shot a many time good youi can have Max 5sec of player block and mybe a poisson effect for 2sec
I hope you enjoy my ideas ;D

DerKlumpen aka NexusKing xD

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4 years ago by DerKlumpen for Factions