add ces

pls can you add every custom enchanted book to the shop so we can buy with money each ce we need

#8415 - Status: open

6 hours ago by MasterSweter for Global


Escapist removal

Hello. So at the start of OPFactions reset there was a problem with buffed ces (Chainer particularly) and armor breaking at the speed of light. Hyper fixed it and now armor nearly doesn't break. The only way to kill a person is by quickdropping them. Still, there is a custom enchant called "Escapist" which basically saves your life every 30 seconds. YES. 30 seconds. If you get below 5 hearts.. See more

#8397 - Status: open

3 days ago by Terifying for Opfactions


No CE in claims...?

I've recently joined OpSurvival to just have some fun, and I've not logged on Minecraft for about a month or two (school). And apparently you can't use CE in claims, NOT EVEN IN YOUR OWN! I just think this is REALLY not necessary, and should be removed.

Thanks staff team for doing great work <3

#8166 - Status: closed - See reply

1 month ago by Totalhuman for Opsurvival


I want a ss

Too many ppl are saying stop hacking/alt pls prove them that I am not...

#8161 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 month ago by TheVirus___ for Global


New Custom Enchants

What would be the most annoying possible custom enchant? It would have something to do with inventory for sure; PvP happens bc of many reasons but the main reason is gaining loot (And rektting the opponent) But if someone wants to pick up the loot, they must have Space in their inventory to pick it up, So I was thinking about a new ce that will fill enemy's inventory with total Junk, It woul.. See more

#8149 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 month ago by Jooooohn for Global


Custom Enchant Removal

Please remove Phoenix Down or nerf it so that it does not drop Iron Golem eggs on opsurvival.
I am saying this with evidence that the enchant has completely destroyed the server economy. A season ago, opsurvival's baltop #1 had 5.2b at the end of the season, and that too, p2w. This season, baltop 1 who hasn't been online for 3 months has above a hundred billion. Iron golem spawner and .. See more

#8135 - Status: accepted - See reply

1 month ago by thighsavelives for Opsurvival


OverPowered Armour and Weapons

I have been playing OP servers for 2 years and I know that a vast majority of the players would agree with me when I suggest:

1: Removing Mirror 4 from OP chest and replacing with with sealing or just leaving it be.

2: Adding 2 more custom enchants to the OP axe to make it used more. Draconic or Chainer are good CEs which can be used if you manage to fix Chainer CE which sometimes bugs and.. See more

#8104 - Status: accepted - See reply

1 month ago by thighsavelives for Global


pls add this after opsky reset

you should add a new CustomEnchant called "LifeSteal" for sword and axe

level 1/max: if hit player, will give you 10% of the player's max health, and dealing 50% dmg from how much health you steal (Example: you stole 10 health, it deals 5 dmg to your enemy)

and another CustomEnchant called "AntiHeal" for armor

level 1: reduces healing effect by 30% and the effect last for 3 second a.. See more

#8087 - Status: accepted - See reply

1 month ago by NerfMyFlame for Opskyblock



Put punch back on the crate bows keep no job on s6 from crates

#7905 - Status: closed - See reply

2 months ago by zgch for Global


Custom enchants

Ddd different mod for custom enchants, the one with success and break rate and magic dust. Current system is borring and doesnt have variety it needs.

#7897 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 months ago by KlausR for Global


back to season 1

shockwave on the sword poison too gooey og magic books were bored of this magic books
opfac keep dying and dying every 3 to 4 weeks
we need some fun
that let us add 10 to 20 magic books to 1 sword
not maximum 5 books

#7884 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 months ago by StepBroLovy for Opfactions



The disenchanter removes custom enchants from an item, it would be a lot better if it gave the enchant back at possibly 1 lesser tier for example if you take breach 4 of a sword you get breach 3 and for items at lvl 1 such as Breach 1 you would get a 50% chance of receiving it back. It means when you add something to a wrong item you can at least get some compensation.

#7673 - Status: shortlisted

4 months ago by mammothmax for Global


New CE

A ce called obsidian breaker (1-2) level 1 breaks obsidian instantaly while level 2 is 100%

#7372 - Status: accepted - See reply

5 months ago by Shout for Global


Heavy Step

This enchantment will prevent 100% of the knockback for 5 seconds every 20 seconds this can be ideal especially for opfactions since they use lots of knockback to throw people in traps

this Enchant will be only for Boots

#7224 - Status: shortlisted

6 months ago by ItzZacKlocky for Global


Remove Phoenix Down

When Phoenix Down got added in OpSurvival it ruined the community as most of the people started using auto clickers and make alts with auto clickers so they can grind Iron golem eggs and this enchant ruined the game as now if u check baltop for opsurvival people constantly grind eggs and change spawners and are right now on 72bil balance at opsurvival and Phoenix Down has made the game less fun .. See more

#7176 - Status: accepted - See reply

6 months ago by Bandit_Ozu for Opsurvival


The Young Man's Blade

Knockback II
Unbreaking III
Sharpness III
Sweeping Edge II
Fire Aspect II
Fortune I
This is a Sword Which we can get from Crates Like Vote Crates at a rare rate.
CTA vote crates, and boss crates, etc...

#7098 - Status: rejected - See reply

6 months ago by HoneyDce for Global



pls add real mending because not everyone want to pvp thx for reading

#7069 - Status: accepted - See reply

6 months ago by paddestoel6ok for Opsurvival



Top10 plz

#6604 - Status: rejected - See reply

9 months ago by QristalQlearQrit for Global




Please remove mirror custom enchant. It gives you thorns and there is no point if ur wearing an opset. It only puts you at a disadvantage. You get thorns, your opponent takes no kb and he takes like 0 damage per heart for thorns. If he has mending, he can repair his armor from the thorns. So, mirror is useless, unless you like thorns so much.

Thank you and please consider this.

#6602 - Status: accepted - See reply

9 months ago by Gustorious for Global


Remove bow CE's

Bow custom enchantments are extremely annoying people are not having the skill of using an actual sword the only thing that has became is bow spamming and punch which is extremely annoying and there's no skill in it at ALL removing CE's from the bows will actually improve t he skill of aiming with the bow instead of just spamming it.

#6593 - Status: rejected - See reply

9 months ago by DeTrue for Global


Renaming Items with Custom Enchants

Make it possible for players to Rename items with Custom enchants, it's really pointless to have the feature on servers with the core of them being C.Es

#6578 - Status: accepted - See reply

9 months ago by _Xennoha_ for Global


Custom Enchanted Gear

Make it so that you can add a normal enchant (like depth strider) on gear with custom enchants. It gets very annoying. For example, envoy boots don't have depth strider and I put Speed 3 on it forgetting about depth strider. Now when I try to add depth strider to it I can't, I'd have to get rid of the speed 3 first which would be a waste of a lot of effort.

#6537 - Status: accepted - See reply

9 months ago by jewnik for Global



i hope #add murder mystery minigame for the server if added the server will be most famous (very important)

#6520 - Status: closed - See reply

9 months ago by S_H_F for Global


Trench pickaxe


For next season there should be some sort of trench pickaxe be implemented.
Something simular like the opfactions Drill enchant would be perfect!

This would make overworld a more populair location to play.


#6510 - Status: rejected - See reply

9 months ago by MrW1nter for Factions