Claim land in the end

Hey we are able to claim land in the nethe but not in the end, why not be able to claim in the end too?

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3 months ago by SoClose_ToToast for Skygrid


Bring back Craftable Notch Apples

I resently started playing on skygrid again, and i see now that you cant craft Notch apples anymore. Pleas bring them back.
and maybe we will get some action in the pvp arena. for like it is now its Basicly noone in the pvp arena.
Miss the fun PvP aspect of the skygrid experience. i know you can buy em with tokens but takes forever to get enough for only for 1 desent fight.

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2 years ago by 54321null for Skygrid



Buy ranks with In-Game Money

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3 years ago by Zerom_ for Skygrid


Void auction for skygrid

I know that there is a void auction in the sky block game modes and skygrid is a similar game but with even. Ore people being killed to the void so I suggest the void auction should be added to skygrid. It would help everyone as gear lost to the void can be reclaimed and as a lot of good gear is lost would be beneficial to the higher players who have died to the void

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4 years ago by llamakin15 for Skygrid


Void Auction

We should have a void auction in Skygrid like there is at Skyblock. Works well there in my opinon.

#4491 - Status: shortlisted

4 years ago by SeannnG for Skygrid


Adjust prices at /shop

Hello !
It kinda bothers me to see prices of spawn eggs are so ..big considering you can find spawners and eggs in chests around map. Considering the prices are so high not a single player won`t buy them.
I just suggest to readjust spawn eggs values,

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4 years ago by Susumimichio for Skygrid


chest hoppers auto sell vs. sell tool

so skygrid just reset and i bought hero for the sell tool and than i realised that you could just make a hopper chest with auto sell and it was WAY better and you didnt need a rank so i was just thinking that mabye chest hoppers auto sell should be a hero+ thing because it completly ruins the sell tool perpose

anyway this is my suggestion

VeteranX ty for the help on how to .. See more

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4 years ago by dj2936 for Skygrid


Reset for Skygrid

As a long time player of skygrid i have seen many player join and leave and not come back, however the players that still do play such as me and even players who used to play but stopped that come back to see whats happened are wanting a reset for skygrid.

It would fix the problem that people who played before the spawner limit to chunks have a huge advantage over those who don't as they .. See more

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4 years ago by llamakin15 for Skygrid


Nether rack and nether brick Tom skygrid shop

Being someone who enjoys building on skygrid I have tried building an “evil” castle which required a lot of nether rack and nether brick however I needed to mine all the materials from the grid within the nether itself so to help people in the future build “evil” builds or just builds requiring nether materials I suggest adding netherrack and nether brick to the /shop, a good price could be slig.. See more

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4 years ago by llamakin15 for Skygrid


Please add option to sell more items in /shop

I have lots of items like

Rotten flesh
Glass bottles

I wanna be able to sell, from spawners.

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4 years ago by P00PYPuppy for Skygrid



i know that there are parties in skygrid and such, but could you make it where we can at least name them? maybe have a full name for people who look it up, then a chat clan tag i guess, that would be cool, thanks for considering my idea

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5 years ago by Th3Build3r for Skygrid


Skygrid :)

Skygrid is really good server and the best in it that you can find spawners in /wild .
so its going to be really a game change if normal members can mine spawners in skygrid with out VIP rank
and also i noticed that other players join acid islands just for its PVP arena just because its easy to reach
and it will awesome if there are some monthly rewards (not big) lets say like 15 euros for .. See more

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5 years ago by HAZOM for Skygrid