A better feedback system

What about making a command/GUI menu where you can say your preferred design or layout for better improvement of the maps?

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10 months ago by DrNoun for Bedwars


Full of glitches.

Hello again, im writing this again as i did 2 years ago. Bedwars has a lot of glitches and no one is giving a fu*k about it. I am here to do this last time, wont be my fault that the server will be dead.
Please fix these glitches:
1. Bumper - if you click it on a block it doesnt work.
2. "BONUS" silverfishes 75% of the times do not give you effects.
3. Orb Shield - second orb shield won.. See more

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1 year ago by DozexxRETURNS for Bedwars


New gadgets for bedwars

-Teleportation stick/pet
It can be either a stick or a pet.
*Stick* Select in the map the place you want to spawn in and you can go there (the use might be similar to the lightning stick)
*pet* You can ride the pet for 10 seconds and you can use it to move around the map.
The price would be 16 x Diamonds

-Reviving power
This item is useable only when your bed has been broken and one of .. See more

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1 year ago by NotableOne05 for Bedwars


Add Resume Match Feature | Necessary!!

Hello, I would like to suggest that you guys add resume match option when a client disconnects from the server during the match. For example: /bw resume or something like that.

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1 year ago by MystifiedMedal for Bedwars


Many balancing changes needed.

Bedwars on extremecraft is great but I think that some of the gadgets are too OP. Explosive snowballs are an item that everyone hates as it is very cheap and deals high damage and knock back. I suggest increasing the price to 24 iron as well as adding a limit to how many snowballs you can have at once as it is very frustrating when people just spam like twenty snowballs in death match. I also su.. See more

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1 year ago by NinjaCat12_ for Bedwars


BedWars Ranks

Please bring back the stars we used to have in chat that used to show your rank. Those stars looked good and we want them back.

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2 years ago by CandyDce for Bedwars


Bedwars lobby, where we wait for the game to start

Players should be teleported to a place such as a parkour map while they wait for the game to start, instead of doing nothing .

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2 years ago by CandyDce for Bedwars


bedwars suggestion

a team of bedwars like fire which have orange colour should have a permanent leather armor and a permanent wooden sword.The upgrades with diamonds should be what hypixel did the classic bedwars i love.

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3 years ago by SnipingGodYT for Bedwars


Bedwars Suggestion!

So I've been hearing a lot about this bedwars lately.So i wanted to suggest this for the shader users....
Please Make the time Mid day or Noon in The gamemode!
That would be helpful and shaders would properly work
Also in eggwars the time is like early in the morning so its a bit dark with shaders
Please do set the time in eggwars too!

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3 years ago by xDerpy_Senpai for Bedwars