PVP Server Revamp

The PVP server has become dry over time and a revamp would be good

ELO reset/rewards - grinding ELO nowadays is boring and not impressive, when elo first reset being above 2k elo was impressive and was for the best but now anyone can get it because once you're 2k its difficult to get higher and people dont wanna play it therefore the competitiveness died. I'd say GAPPLE and BOW are th.. See more

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2 years ago by urbentmate for Pvp



You should add a 20v20 on /go pvp so they can Training for TeamFight!

#5949 - Status: open

1 year ago by IgnHafiz for Pvp


Sumo gamemode

Add a gamemode where 2 players are standing at a platform with a 5 seconds countdown. Players are gonna try to knock off each other off the platform into water. There is gonna be 3 rounds.

#5178 - Status: shortlisted

2 years ago by mommwy for Pvp


#/go pvp

1: Pearl Counter On The ''Nodebuff or Debuff'' Game [it Means when you use the pearl on the fight you need to wait 15 seconds at least to use one more again , so players ain't spamming pearls] . --> https://imgur.com/rIxtxbE

2:People on fight can see players spectating them on chat. --> https://imgur.com/zil5Jb2

3:When The Players Finish their fight they can see t.. See more

#6027 - Status: open

1 year ago by BlackDumbo for Pvp


Pvp server improvements

1. Update elo system: I think everyone agrees the current elo system is very dumb. For example: If a 1600 beats a 1599, they get a total of 2 elo, and the 1599 loses only 2 elo. If a 1599 beats a 1600+, they earn 20+ elo and the 1600+ loses 20+. Please make some kinda algorithm that actually makes sense.

2. Party system like mmc/other practice servers that allows for large teamfights. The.. See more

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1 year ago by mandown31200 for Pvp



Hi, i really think u guys should add the game mode ''sumo'' i think a lot of people want this to be added to game and will actually play it. As well maybe u can add sumo 2v2s also. I hope you guys will think about it and make it happen :).

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1 year ago by Shqi for Pvp


Pvp scoreboard

Show the
Your ping : x ms
Enemy ping : x ms
In scoreboard when players are 1v1ing

#6423 - Status: open

1 year ago by redstring for Pvp



Add various ffa like nodebuff ffa
Soup ffa and etc
The current ffa is only Gapple and it's getting boring (atleast for me)
*ffa = free for all

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2 years ago by Esalat for Pvp


New Gamemode PvP

-----> Sumo <----- Ranked / Unranked
is good :D

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1 year ago by GetSpiders for Pvp



A lot of players who newly join the server have hack clients and the first thing they think about queueing is gapple1v1 ranked to showcase their cool hacks to everyone and Ruin everyone’s experience which ruins the feel of ranked gamemodes. A ranked match is supposed to be a competitive gamemode which newly joined players shouldnt have access to just yet, My suggestion is that in order for ne.. See more

#5882 - Status: open

1 year ago by SmellyToes12345 for Pvp


Bridge 1v1 and Sumo 1v1

Well the title explains it. Bridge 1v1 and Sumo 1v1 at /go pvp.

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1 year ago by lmaop for Pvp


OverPowered PvP

Hello there, EC. It's xiiRecktical_ and um I was wondering if you could add a gamemode in pvp like, OP PvP. You pvp with OverPowered Sets, and Gear. Just like OP servers like Op factions. Thanks.

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2 years ago by Terifying for Pvp



Sumo (no items/armor)
Really popular on PvP servers. (Hypixel or Minemanclub for example).
You basically stand on a platform and have to punch the other player off! It’s a really fun and quick PvP game.

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1 year ago by obeisance for Pvp



I think sumo is a nice game if you add this i am sure people will play this game.Thanks in advance

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1 year ago by MrEternaLx for Pvp


Uhc gamemode

I hope you add a gamemode or server for Uhc . It'd be dopee ,thx

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2 years ago by kanowoo for Pvp


New KnockBack/Maps

better add a knockback mod that can fix delayed kb like popular pvp servers kb
and add new maps,,, These maps are not even good for pvp

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1 year ago by redstring for Pvp


Elo Points (PvP)

What should change in any case is that if you join a fight on the PvP server and the opponent leaves the fight, you should still get the points. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense. The player recognizes that he is losing and takes advantage of it and can simply leave the game.

#4633 - Status: open

2 years ago by SH4WN for Pvp


Horse FFA mode

It's just FFA but everyone is on a horse please add ok thank you

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2 years ago by AcidPhosphatase for Pvp



When we 1v1 someone in pvp especially Rangked GameMode someone can / leave and we don't get ELO at all I want staff or Admin Fix this because I'm already tired and someone / leave just like that and I don't at all get you I want if someone / leave we still get ELO even if only a little

Please Gave ELO for us iven our Opponent /leave

#4814 - Status: open

2 years ago by Pamungkas for Pvp


x vs x in /go pvp party

4v4 , 5v5 , 6v6, and ..... in pvp only for parties
Owner's party or trusted member do this =
/p start gapple 5 = start a 5v5 gapple gamemode
With online party members

#6424 - Status: open

1 year ago by redstring for Pvp


New gamemode...?

If you have heard of "Sumo" in Minecraft, basically a smallish arena where people fist fight with resistance (so they don't die) and the first one to get knocked off loses. it can be used exactly the same as other ones, 5 seconds to get ready and you can have elo on it. If you're actually going to implement this it might go in the "other gamemodes" category but it can be on its own aswe.. See more

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2 years ago by SilaLL for Pvp


New maps

replace the pvp maps with new fresh ones. These are now old and are getting boring while also being very small and stacked with obstructions (trees, ruins etc) making the arenas seem even smaller than they are, ruining the pvp experience.
Large flat arenas are what I currently have in mind, but of course, stylized to look better as in rich terrain or a roof with fancy walls. This would also fit.. See more

#6651 - Status: open

1 year ago by Kilotar for Pvp



you should add fishing rods in to /go pvp freeforall :D

#6762 - Status: open

1 year ago by hvrold for Pvp


Adding BossFights in /Go pvp

Adding bossfights in /go pvp will make a big difference for some players. Not everyone is very good at bossfights, so adding bossfights in /go pvp will allow players to test new strats and skills to deal more dmg or getting better at bossfight.

#8217 - Status: open

12 months ago by JustCaramelcone for Pvp


Add GappleAxe1v1, 2v2, 3v3

That’s it. Just an extra game mode like gapple1v1 (complete with 2 prot4 unb3 sets, and 8min str2 and spd2), but with a sharp 5 axe instead of sword.

#5731 - Status: open

1 year ago by GSurge for Pvp