Pvp Gapple

Change GApple affects to
Absorption I
Regeneration V (30 sec)

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1 year ago by redstring for Pvp


1.16 pvp

look i would think it would be great if u guys add 1.16 pvp like always 1.8.9 CHANGE IT BRUH
1.16 pvp is fun and better than spam clicking atleast add a 1.16 pvp plugin to survivalplus whats the point of making a 1.16 server and 1.8.9 pvp?

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1 year ago by NotYonal for Pvp


1.9 pvp

What about a 1.9 pvp mode in /go pvp
Or maybe a server called pvp+ which is for the new verision of minecraft like survival+

#9064 - Status: open

5 months ago by Xideren596 for Pvp


Combo pvp 1v1

i think it is nice to add this gamemode to your server the goal is actually the same as gapple but then you get an extreme combo that the person flies in the air with combo i like doing this on this server as this gamemode has been added and change is always nice i think hope you know the gamemode in advance thanks for your time

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1 year ago by Iceblok for Pvp


Diamond 1v1/2v2/3v3 but like enchanted

exactly what the name says, just Diamond Sword (Sharp 5), Diamond Armor (Prot 4), Bow (Power 5)

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1 year ago by Nifgif101 for Pvp


PvP Ideas

So, my idea is to make a command or just your own leaderboard to know how many games u won or lost overall stuff like how many Gapple rounds u played won/lost for each gamemode how many rounds u played and then overall how much u played.
Also maybe some new gamemodes to pvp like practicing with a bot or not just pvp also who finishes first a parkour or buildbattle.

Lemme know if ya like it

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1 month ago by _Kapslock_ for Pvp


/Go PvP

I want to talk about 2 things that is wrong in /go pvp

1.Elo System , 1200-1600elo is normal +30 elo but after 1600elo you get only 2 elo every match you win

exmaple :- In gapple It takes you 5 mins to win a match , soo every 1 hour you get 12 elo , soo 2 hours for 24 elo and a random alex comes with super natural powers (aka:-autoclicker, hacks etc) and kills you and all the work you did.. See more

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10 months ago by JianIsTrash69 for Pvp


NoDebuff 1v1

Pearl countdown

#8592 - Status: open

9 months ago by akariheart for Pvp


More Game Modes

add more game modes to pvp

#9406 - Status: open

4 days ago by _ThreePro_ for Pvp


Remove the mesa pvp arena

it's really small and ugly.... i don't think it fits as a pvp arena

#6502 - Status: open

1 year ago by lovedye for Pvp


Nodebuff enderpearl cooldown.

Just been thinking lately and since half the 1v1s on nodebuff just end with the guy enderpearl spamming into a glitch spot, Just made me think if you could add a enderpearl cooldown to stop spamming them or glitching as much, A bit like mmc and lunar does it, Would make matches more fun as-well and more intense instead of just epearling on the person every second.

#7084 - Status: open

1 year ago by FrogPoke for Pvp



Add ender pearl delay for nodebuff/debuff
Like 10 sec or 15 sec
Currently they have no delay

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2 years ago by Anti_Feshar for Pvp


Custom PVP Items

It would be nice if there was a game mode in which you can choose your own items to play with your friends. :D

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1 year ago by ShadowWqve for Pvp


New gamemode

UHC mode could build in the arena

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4 years ago by Kvrd for Pvp


Add a combat log for the sub-gamemode Free For All in /go pvp

Pls add this this would be a great addition for /go pvp, ty.

#7825 - Status: open

1 year ago by Just_Kev_ for Pvp


New stuff

I think I should add fishing rods so we can combo people and also adding uhcs or something. Also bucketpvp

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1 year ago by CrackedUserGuy for Pvp


build uhc/combo/mcsg match/uhc deathmatch

build uhc
-ofc people can build and pvp,but,set a build limit w rod/bow/gap/gold head/water/lava
-no hit delay same spec as gapple 1v1
-survival deathmatch with gold helm leather chest chain leg iron boot stone sword w/rods food bow
uhc deathmatch
-starts with 10/20 people,build limit needed,w rod/bow/gap/gold head/water/lava

#1115 - Status: shortlisted

4 years ago by WhySoActive for Pvp


FFA (Free For All) IRON

There is already a FFA Server, but with Diamond Armor and this stuff, it takes like 15 Minutes until a fight ends with this kit. That's why a normal Iron FFA wouldnt be that bad, I already asked some players and they would like it too.

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4 years ago by DieBirne for Pvp


Fishing Rod Duel

Hi there dear reader,
I think that there should be a mode where you have a fishing rod, when I wanna play pvp with a fishing rod than I eather have to do it in some game like skyblcock or on another server. I personally would really love this mode and I think that many others would as well.
Thanks for taking your time reading.

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4 years ago by kmaxi for Pvp



please add build uhc to pvp its such a good gamemode . most of the players like build uhc

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4 years ago by Rebaliation for Pvp


1.9 mode

I know it sucks but still some players like it....

How about a new option in PVP based on 1.9

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4 years ago by realskull for Pvp


Select FFA Maps

I would like the ability to select the map you want when you go into the FFA game.

This way you can play with your friends.

You could make it so that they click on the FFA item then they hover over the items which show the maps and playercount.

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3 years ago by Mait for Pvp


Add new stuff on go pvp

i just wonder if you guys can maybe have added some new stuff at go pvp like overpowerd gear + sword so its not just normal gear and stuff lets get opstuff to that will be good for the ppl.

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3 years ago by BAReHENrik2 for Pvp



I think it would be a fun If u guys add BuildUhc. Because its a fun gamemode and its Always fun if u guys add something. And pvp is getting boring because there are not so many gamemodes and it would be fun if this gets added. So could u please add BuildUhc alot of people will love it.
Thanks u for reading and taking ur time.

Greetind from iJudgment


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4 years ago by iJudgment for Pvp


ELO System needs a rework, and ppl are just wintrading.

After you go past 2000 elo you just cant climb anymore, you need people who is at least 1600 and you win like 1-2 points and lose 20-30. It seems pointless playing after 2000 because maybe you get matched against a 1400 new player who happens to be actually good and boop your elo is gone and most of the players are below 1600 you just keep playing with 0 gains until you lose one game and all you.. See more

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4 years ago by ERC20 for Pvp