if u guys can add one more /sethome for all for free all would be happy and it can help us alot too

#8484 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by IamJogi for Survivalplus


no /shop

pls dont add /shop because the players in survivalplus try theyre best to get the things they want and it would just ruin a part of the gamemode if theres a /shop in it. Im honestly ok with /pwarp and /ah but as long as theres no /shop and also NO /fly for claims cause that would ruin a part of the elytra purposes

#7971 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by Acerafa for Survivalplus


add a auction into survivalplus

Survivalplus is a really fun sever and i generally enjoy it's just that when making money it's very hard and if we ad the selection of /ah but no /shop it would make the server a bit faster in the eco and boost the player base due to s+ never actually having updates on the gamemode, with /ah or /auction we can actually make a general amount of money because if survivalplus is really dead.. See more

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1 year ago by ChorusControl for Survivalplus


Safer trading for survivalPlus

I was recently scammed on survivalPlus because there is no safe way of trading money. i would appreciate it if you could add the /withdraw command which is also there in survival to survivalPlus. If the command is already there in survival i don't think it will be hard to add the plugin to survivalPlus as well because you already have it. -

-(I would like it of you could replace my.. See more

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1 year ago by BlackFireFury for Survivalplus


/givepet toggle

I Hate Minecraft Dogs... I really do.. If this was happened with Cats I would be totally fine with it..
Now I have about 20dogs around me that aren't even mine...

A toggle for /givepet command Would be really useful since everyone can gift u a pet whether u like it or not..

(Don't make me kill all those dogs)

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1 year ago by Jooooohn for Survivalplus



can you enable /withdraw in SurvivalPlus? So we can trade money when trading.

That's only I need, thanks!

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1 year ago by CreeperDj26 for Survivalplus


Claim kick command

i suggest adding the claim kick command which is /claim kick [player name] to make the claim trolling go down on the server and provide players without being annoyed from other players

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2 years ago by Aligas for Survivalplus


Adding Commands

a Suggestion to Add the Following: /weaponkills plugin, & maybe /pwarp. In my Personal Opinion adding, /weaponkills won't ruin the Survival Aspect of It. as It's just a nearly cosmetics thing.

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2 years ago by Kuzzier for Survivalplus


Need More

Love that yous guys finally took a chance on the 1.16.1. But really wish we had economy and/or the /ah command back. The trading method can be tedious and slow where as with auction you always have the option to view items for sale asap. And if at all possible maybe a limited /shop option to purchase items that are impossible to retrieve like a Creepers heads for banners or God apples which.. See more

#6527 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 years ago by Pauly for Survivalplus