New Command

sometimes people lose their passwords and i know there is a lost password thing on this site but u can add a command that resets ur password if u lost it like when u forget ur password type in chat /resetpassword and u can make a new password if u forgot ur old one,that would really help people that are forgetable like me :)

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1 year ago by Souvui for Lobby



This command should be completely removed, its just a pay to win feature that makes the game unfair, Elite rank+ can use /near to find underground bases easier than hackers, this also makes invisible potions useless, if you wont remove the command, please, at least change it so they cant detect players with invisible potions.

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2 years ago by J04C for Lobby


Allow us to rename items with custom lore (Vote Crate/OP items)

Other gamemodes already allow you to rename OP items, and I think Anarchy should too.

There's only 5 OP items in Anarchy, and being able to personalize them would be a great feature.

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2 years ago by Laztec for Lobby


New commands and improvements

there should be a /wall <wall type> <height> that lets u auto create basic faction walls and stuff like obby gens, lava gens and cobble gens. also, allow redstone to be world editted but keep a redstone limit in a plot to prevent lag machines

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3 years ago by ProPlayerH0rse for Lobby


/fire,/lever and tick counter

I spend so much time on cannoning and I think it /fire,/lever will make testing cannons much easier and also would like an object that counts ticks for you/tick counter like blaze rod or something like that

#5118 - Status: shortlisted

4 years ago by kolikosamstar for Lobby


Command Suggestion

Add /friend because lots of players like to keep in touch with friends. Add /friend add or /friend delete or /friend join (to join the server your friends are on) and /f chat to chat with only your friends <3

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6 years ago by SwiftStrafe for Lobby



Some People Annoy The Carp Out Of Me So Can You Add The /Fly Command?

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6 years ago by LegendaryBoy23 for Lobby