please reset or fix back STB

if u reset rpg i swear have alot people will back ec i have alot friend waiting rpg reset or fix back STB if u guys need more people play ec please just reset any gamemode or add more gamemode u guys remove voucher thats fine but we need u guys reset gamemode like rpg i hoped u guys reset or fix stb
We All Waiting U Guys Reset RPG Please Vote This Until 500+ if u guys can xD

#8723 - Status: open

1 hour ago by MaskCatz for Rpg


Forget Password Command

Hello i forgot my other account password please add a /ForgetPassword Command

#8703 - Status: open

1 week ago by uwenalil for Global


Dream_Rayansh11 Suggest

hi i suggest a command in prison like we want to do /warp a or something like that to go on our old mines can u do /mine a /mine x or that pls i thick it would be cool

#8698 - Status: open

1 week ago by Dream_Rayansh for Prison


roleplay add /Bite rp

i suggest to add /bite rp and ty

#8682 - Status: open

2 weeks ago by 22Vizz for Global


Pvp commands

Commands pvp:

/invite create and /accept Thanks

#8667 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 weeks ago by 0_luqazhary_0 for Global


★ Cosmetic Command - /map (image link)

A command to allow users to create custom map images for further cosmetic decoration of plots (creative), Claims and Faction areas. Banners and skulls only go so far and creating the map themselves in another area can be time consuming and a waste of claim space. If I want to have a custom map of 128x128 picture I found, then I could create one to decorate my house. Or maybe I want.. See more

#8661 - Status: open

3 weeks ago by Mickibabe for Global



if u /ignore someone then he cant hit you

#8620 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 month ago by AkariHayasaka for Global


Make rank commands less P2W

Make certain rank commands like /fix all, /heal, /nv etc. an AoE. Basicly when someone does /fix all, or other certain commands, it will work for everyone within a certain block radius, like 5 or 10 blocks around the player.

#8602 - Status: open

1 month ago by CoolGuyChill for Global


new command

please add /atlas so people can spectate the reported players and make 3 options 1st option is "The Player Was Hacking"
and 2nd option is "The Player was not hacking" and 3rd option is "I Don't know" and make in the a steve head that you can choose that one from 3 options and most Votes with the player was hacking option will be banned and was not hacking leave him and i don't know the .. See more

#8574 - Status: open

1 month ago by Abskhiron for Global



This command should be completely removed, its just a pay to win feature that makes the game unfair, Elite rank+ can use /near to find underground bases easier than hackers, this also makes invisible potions useless, if you wont remove the command, please, at least change it so they cant detect players with invisible potions.

#8570 - Status: open

1 month ago by J04C for Anarchy



i feel like the /afk command should be for everyone. all of my friends complain that they get kicked into lobby when they're afk as member/donor
it would be convenient if you guys did that <3 theres not much to this, sorry. but it would help the community (maybe)
thank you for your time! :3

#8487 - Status: open

2 months ago by simp_qp for Creative


New Command

Add the feature to let us ban players from our claims in Survival, OPSurvial by doing /claim ban <player>

#8486 - Status: open

2 months ago by xLeg1t for Global



if u guys can add one more /sethome for all for free all would be happy and it can help us alot too

#8484 - Status: open

2 months ago by jogiOP for Survivalplus


Plot Flag Use for Sign

Signs should be included in the Plot Flag Set Use list. Currently when you add "sign" (323) to the use flag, it shows up under /p i but it does not actually work. The reason I want this is so Teleport signs and Elevator signs can work for the public in my plot. (Although sign elevators don't seem to work at all right now)

#8478 - Status: open

2 months ago by filefolder3 for Creative


Rank Command

Please add a command for only extreme and nexus rankers. that command is that they can withdraw 500k every week. and they can get v keys every hour. Thank You.


#8436 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 months ago by Omega_Vr for Global



shortcut /itemfilter to /ifi

#8416 - Status: open

2 months ago by OmegaXMi for Global


/Rickroll [player]

When a player puts in this command from the /rp, it will show as:
* [player] Rickrolled you...
And etc.
This is from trippysnake
Have a great day ♡

#8390 - Status: open

3 months ago by simp_qp for Global


Fly Mode in /go pvp

I feel that the /go pvp map should be appreciated more if we were able to fly in it and see the giant snake and the tall ass building. Please let us fly while we are waiting in que or just looking around the map.

#8335 - Status: open

3 months ago by NinjasFeet for Pvp



at least we have
afk title test and roleplay all good for now
BUT......... we dont have color for stream joining
for member-extreme yellow but nexus aqua can
can we change color to red or others??
Game Over [PLAYER] Joined the game BY green color

#8322 - Status: open

3 months ago by bcz_im_BAD for Global


/craft [item] max/all

instead of having to know exactly how much an item can be crafted, /craft [item] max/all.
It just crafts an item as much as possible.Or theres no more inventory space left.

#8317 - Status: open

3 months ago by HavaTaken for Global



put /Mneu command to can open lobby Selector from other servers to know how many players at other gamemodes

#8299 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 months ago by Hated_ for Global


/gen command

Remove the gen buckets from the misc section of shop and have a seperate /gen command to buy them in an organised manner.
Something like this: https://ibb.co/4NRXV9j

#8283 - Status: open

3 months ago by Instane0us for Opfactions



please make /spawn tp instantly and not allowed during pvp

#8276 - Status: open

3 months ago by Cryatal for Global



Please make /afk available for "all" ranks so it would be much easier to afk without dying

#8274 - Status: open

3 months ago by Cryatal for Global


Weird thing about the /afk Command

I just recently found this weird thing might be useless but an afk player can use/shoot a bow this also works the same as the fishing rod and when you blockhit and shoot a bow you can sometimes move your screen I'm not sure about this weird afk thing

#8270 - Status: open

3 months ago by Nikhazel for Global