Why an Unban All can also be bad for Extremecraft.

Many people know that ExtremeCraft's Playerbase is going down, and many have been suggesting a second unban all.
However, even though many people think that it would help the server, it can also have some backlashes.
First, The day after Unban all, it would be a genocide of players getting banned. There would still be a lot of people who hack and it would outnumber the staff. It wo.. See more

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3 months ago by HoneyEnergy for Global


no unban

since you removed the unban from the store it would be a good idea to remove the no unban as well.

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3 months ago by Nikolidius for Global



Reset Skygrid Because No One Playing There Right Now, And Lots Of Players Quitting From Extremecraft Because All Servers Are Already Dead, If You Guys Reset Skygrid, Your Server Can Have More Active Members then now! :)

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3 months ago by Lion_Blood for Skygrid


Crafting Table

you should add crafting tables on spawns in survival opfactions factions etc..

#8370 - Status: open

3 months ago by CCee for Global


Suggestion for Alternate Accounts ! (please read full )

I know that alting has always been a bad thing which lead to ban of the player, but here I just want to discuss about it and just spread some light on it along with some suggestions !

First of all I think the main problem with alting is that people get double voting rewards/benefits from it.....but if we think about it, They person is actually voting for the server which is counted in the web.. See more

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3 months ago by x0x_Devil_x0x for Global


TpKillerHunter tittle

I need that

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3 months ago by CaldoDeCarnero for Titles


Fly Mode in /go pvp

I feel that the /go pvp map should be appreciated more if we were able to fly in it and see the giant snake and the tall ass building. Please let us fly while we are waiting in que or just looking around the map.

#8335 - Status: open

3 months ago by NinjasFeet for Pvp



Lets make a poll! If ec make the server to 1.17 is it gonna go better or it gonna go worse

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3 months ago by ImJian for Global


Reset never an option

so if u reset a some gamemodes don't reset is a bad dedication. so is will good if u ask us all will is good to reset? .example Faction reset and All 30% of Faction Player quit due his big work gone only with a dust and some of them goes to another gamemodes. reset is just make the server Die except of course and a Update! Thx for a Helper or staff to read my suggestion. ~ abeel

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3 months ago by abeel for Global


Good suggestion

Please unban all server is gonna die soon...

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3 months ago by TheGodPvper for Global


Border ocean

My suggestion is that Oceans and lava pools outside of world border should be removed as it can disrupt regen walls which are connected to the border making it harder to build a border base.

#8329 - Status: open

3 months ago by Blactose for Factions


Trinom title

I suggest that a Trinom title should be added and be coloured in like light/neon green. It would be awesome to have since trinom faction players are really on all servers :). Thank you in advance.

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3 months ago by NiNa1355 for Titles


new title

• The new title should be Neutral
this title can be used when someone feels neutral

* it should be set as a neutral color
like light grey or white

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3 months ago by cattto for Titles


Title Trillionair

There are thé titles ‘millionair’ and ‘billionair’ but Why don’t u add ‘trillionair m’a ? :)

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3 months ago by LOST_vdpryan for Titles


Anarchy quests

can you add quests at anarchy

#8324 - Status: open

3 months ago by Hated_ for Anarchy


Prestige Perk for next season

As I said in discord, I suggest to add an autofix perk for prestige, which would only work for pickaxes , since it would be too OP for pvp stuff.
And I know there's already a tool break notification but I think this would encourage players to prestige and get the perk (as same as the other perks), so they don't have to be always dependant to the notification, or worse, probably losing t.. See more

#8323 - Status: open

3 months ago by BusyDayy for Prison



at least we have
afk title test and roleplay all good for now
BUT......... we dont have color for stream joining
for member-extreme yellow but nexus aqua can
can we change color to red or others??
Game Over [PLAYER] Joined the game BY green color

#8322 - Status: open

3 months ago by bcz_im_BAD for Global


turning off mail

there should be an option to turn off reciveing mails like */mail off* or */mail disable*
thats also located in /settings

#8320 - Status: open

3 months ago by filip_zd for Global


Add a new color

Add a color named 'rainbow' and the color symbol should be "&r" , why you should add this color ??? , becz Example :- i want a sword renamed 'anything' but i want to keep all the letters of the word of diffrent color , but i will have to type manualy , instead of this , if there is a color 'rainbow' i will just have to type "&ranything" soo by typing this the sword name s.. See more

#8319 - Status: open

3 months ago by NyabOnTop for Global



Hello,I would suggest an unban all because many players are unbant and the server is again active because it is currently the pay very far down and time is for the last time unban all I would be happy about it and many others too!!!! #UNBANALL

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3 months ago by NinjasDishes for Global


/craft [item] max/all

instead of having to know exactly how much an item can be crafted, /craft [item] max/all.
It just crafts an item as much as possible.Or theres no more inventory space left.

#8317 - Status: open

3 months ago by HavaTaken for Global


/warp pvp2

use the old quartz map that was used in the previous season its bright and flat also gives good fps for low end pc users, and gives good vibes in general, thx.

#8316 - Status: open

3 months ago by kubye for Survival


Suggestion manager

i think you should get like 2/3 suggestion managers that could take a look at suggestions,because as i see now,most of suggestions stay open for days, till 1 or 2 staff members check it,and its quite a lot of work for them,so i suggest you add few suggestion managers so it makes work easier

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3 months ago by MysticalScorpion for Global


Unban All - #reviveec

I want to talk about the server player base today
Well, lets look at server stats at minecraft-mp
Ec were getting a lot of players and fun now
NO fun, no players
Well, here is some tips
Lets day Dieu and NxDs are only devolopers
That's hard to run server as size as EC with 2 people manage it
You should get more staff and devs like,
AHT, Suggestions Manager etc

And unban a.. See more

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3 months ago by MrTryns for Global



I have a very good pc and wifi but then also server glitch a lot please fix

#8313 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 months ago by ARNAV_GAMER123 for Survival