Reconsider Local Titles.

Titles are a great part of Minecraft server's a good bit of fun and a little "flex" if you will.

The minute you introduce country names as titles and only a select few, it gives people a reason to argue and cause ridiculous drama, whilst you could equally throw every country name up as a title, it would probably be best and simple to remove the titles of country names if it isn't going to be for every country.

I'm not just throwing a random opinion out there, there has been a lot of evidence that certain titles have caused drama and needless arguing.

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2 weeks ago by Obskewer_ for Titles

Answer: Closed

Hi, thanks for your feedback. However, we haven't intentionally missed out countries, anyone is free to submit a suggestion about theirs or any other title

If there are countries missing then do make a suggestion.


2 weeks ago by _OnePro_