Elo Rating and Score

Please Add a Top list for
Elo and Score
if possible add rewards for them as well
Also make them possible to see in website just like top voter

Make the Elo and Score common between all servers and Reason why :-

Elo directly/indirectly shows a PvP skill of a person
So here I want to ask why are PvP skills rated in only one server when the person PvPing is gonna PvP with same skill .. See more

#10720 - Status: open

3 days ago by Ha_Rsh for Global


Please add MCMMO in skyblock

#10480 - Status: open

3 months ago by Ha_Rsh for Skyblock


Please add a few more items in ChestHopper in SkyBlock such as Emerald, Diamond, Gold_Ingot, Raw_Gold, Iron_Ingot, Raw_Iron, Copper_Ingot, Raw_Copper, Redstone, Lapis lazuli, cobblestone (all kind of items which drops through blasting/mining in ore generator) it will significantly help reduce the lag because of reduction of item(entity) drops and reducing the use of hoppers
I have One more sug.. See more

#10427 - Status: open

4 months ago by Ha_Rsh for Skyblock

Auction House

can u increase the limit of /ah to like 10b well iam not sure if 10b or if its not possible then like 1b ? or maybe 5b would be fine in short just increase the /ah limit according to economy like 5-10% of total balance of server

#9743 - Status: closed

1 year ago by Ha_Rsh for Survival


I understand that why you removed vouchers bcoz people just farm free vouchers !! But can u just add like monthly vouchers for just 1-3 months so people would be rewarded and a hype will be created in goal / greediness of store stuff like ranks pets and titles etc it will also make new people stay much longer since they have a goal set in their mind

#9067 - Status: rejected

2 years ago by Ha_Rsh for Skyblock

Add a new title

Pls add a new title "HaRsH" I like the title which is related to my name

#7872 - Status: rejected

3 years ago by Ha_Rsh for Titles

please update the version to 1.16.4 or latest 1.8.9 is too old

updating version would add more biomes and new blocks that would be more fun to play survival and also add end dimension

#7133 - Status: closed

3 years ago by Ha_Rsh for Survival