#UnbanAll v2

Before we start, we should inform everyone that we are on the same side as the staff members. We don't want to hurt the server, or be negative. This is just our views on the server, and a request for change.

This will also be our last suggestion related to this matter, as we've posted many others in the past.

We have decided to post one last suggestion to outline the importance and the necessity of an unban all, and why it's so necessary right now.

A - State of the Server

Extremecraft has seen better days, here are a few examples:

OpFactions has reset recently and the game mode averages around 60-70 players during its ‘prime’ at 4 PM EU time. In comparison to what it used to get shortly after the unban all, this player population is very small. An unban all would improve the server's playerbase.

Factions, which is one of the most popular game modes on EC ONLY averages around 5-15 players now. This number is mine-boggling low. Factions used to always have a consistently high amount amount of players. Now, the server is practically dead, and many players find it very boring. Not having a vast enough playerbase is a shame considering how much potential this gamemode had.

Obviously, just like the first unban all, old players would be brought in to help remedy the playerbase issues in the first 2 examples. However, having an unban all also opens the doors to bringing in new players. Having an active server leads to old Youtubers coming back, and new Youtubers to be born, and post influential videos. With all these creators gone, this server gets no further attention from new or old players alike. An unban all would help ensure sustainability for the server's future, while also creating hype and positivity in the community.

B - EC's Foundations

Extremecraft has been community based since it really took off. It's a big part of why EC got famous, and is known in the first place. With factions and teams like ECF, Kaizen, and Vendetta, there was always a great deal of emphasis on the players and groups, and less so on the gamemodes. Plugins and gamemodes were nice, but the people were what really held the server up during its prime. Although an unban all was suggested at a time where we still had a decent playerbase, the average number of players on EC has slowly dwindled. Many players, despite being banned for years, have stayed around in loyalty to this community and in hope to get unbanned. An unban all would help harness the potential behind the players.

C - Staff Concerns

More than 85% of the current staff team is made out of new generation staff members, who have only started recently. Many of the staff members from the unban all are no longer around. It may even be able to see how having such a comprehensive staff team is unnecessary, with such low player counts. With another unban all, we would enhance the atmosphere, promoting players to sign up for staff. It would also give the staff team opportunities to gain experience by punishing players with ill intentions. And finally, having an active playerbase may promote old staff to return to a propserous server now. Plus, the community will be able to self-regulate, as it always has, with tools such as the AHT.

D - Refurbished Punishment System

What motivated us to write this letter was that our voices were being acknowledged and taken account of. The changes to the punishment system were a welcome site, and it looks much more sustainable. However, the damage has already been done. An unban all is desperately needed. It would be ironic to have a brand new system of punishment, where a huge amount of the playerbase is still suffering under an unforgiving, outdated previous system. Moreover, there needs to be an actual player population to employ and test the new punishment system, and show any changes and tweaks it may require.

E - Summary of Benefits

In summary, an unban all would benefit the server as follows:
- Improve activity on many servers
- Hype up and promote new players to join
- Increase funding for the server
- Test and train new staff members
- Display issues with a relatively untested method of punishment

An unban all won't fix all the issues, but it will restore a sense of normality to the server, and provide a more sustainable atmosphere, so that these issues will hopefully never come back.

F - Conclusion and Suggestions

We suggest that an unban all happen around June 20th - July 1st. (Alongside gamemode resets!) This would give the server te entire summer to rebuild its community, staff team, as well as adapt. The unban all occuring as soon as possible would help take advantage of the summer as the best window of opportunity for a revival. With an on going pandemic and summer vacation, Extremecraft may be able to take advantage of some great circumstances. However, this is ultimately all in the hands of the staff team. We hope that you acknowledge our suggestions and hopes, and try and accommodate an unban all as soon as possible. Thank you for everything!

Here are a few suggestions that show how much we as a community want a server revival to happen:




You can also filter out the suggestions with the most likes and you'd find many suggestions asking for a revive/unban all.

We hope that with this final suggestion we would have enough upvotes alongside the other two suggestions to sway you in our favor and unban all to hopefully put the server back to a sense of normality before it’s too late and it’s beyond repair. We do not expect this post to get many upvotes due to most of the community departing from the server, but we do hope that the staff and Dieu understand where we come from.

Revive EC.

Suggestion 1: https://www.extremecraft.net/suggestions/view/6938/

Suggestion 2: https://www.extremecraft.net/suggestions/view/8013/



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