make rpg like an actual rpg (not those explody things)

Have some story line, maybe daily quests you can do, not just some survival gamemode with just custom items. I dont have the sense of adventure that i expect when i have an rpg gamemode

#5431 - Status: open

1 year ago by BlueberryDaFloor for Rpg


Suggestion :)

Can add /claim fly and add chesthopper too . Thanks :)

#5864 - Status: open

1 year ago by DeToKz2 for Rpg


Add guns in Slime fun after RPG reset

this gamemode named 'RPG' so it should be guns exist .
like the most powerful gun recipe made by some rarest slime fun items and
guns should be disable in /pvp arena because all people can kill each other easily

If you interested of this suggestion press that like button /̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

#7728 - Status: open

4 months ago by OmegaThanos for Rpg


I wish the RPG server will reset this year.

Admins maybe this year 2020 the RPG will totally reset because the players on that server is decreasing as the time goes. Maybe the RPG is not so popular server on extremecraft but how about the players on that playing it? I know the plugins is not ready yet but the survival, skyblock, faction servers are always reseting once or twice every year! Me I mean we RPG players want you to be fair! We .. See more

#4518 - Status: closed - See reply

1 year ago by Imnooobro for Rpg


i think u should had an multi hsu tool

it takes too many hours to empty an hsu so im just saying that it would be easier to just 1 click it with an tool instead of 1000000 times click it

#4852 - Status: open

1 year ago by Ev1lDev1l for Rpg


Add Chesthopper to RPG

Chesthopper will be needful in RPG to autosell

#5361 - Status: open

1 year ago by DaOp for Rpg


please reset rpg

i just found out that rpg is alotto un active could you please reset it? it lived more than a year

#7952 - Status: open

3 months ago by fatihali for Rpg


Tanks, Cars And Airplanes in RPG

Add Airplanes and Cars and Tanks in RPG because look theres Jetpacks theres JetBoots theres Sattalites why not add Tanks and Cars and stuff? a minecart that shoots fireballs wont be that laggy right? or a minecart that flies or a minecart that goes forward pls add it

#5975 - Status: open

1 year ago by 1HesamMega for Rpg


New surplus kit

turtle/ocean kit has water speed enchant on boots and unb3 enchants on leggings and chestplate and a turtle helmet with unb3 thanks. I don't think it should have any weapon but a trident with loyalty and unb3, of course, its an advanced rank kit like nexus or extreme and thanks.

#6495 - Status: rejected - See reply

10 months ago by Hamza77k for Rpg


HSU and the STB stuff

Make a Button in the HSU to could sell everything in it for its hard to sell like 200k wood when u make wood farm So make something to could sell the things in the HSU

#2510 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 years ago by ImSoS3xy for Rpg


Server Restart/Wipe consideration


Can you do a server restart? Like a whole wipe and we have to start all over again?
Atleast consider this please.

Thank you

#3623 - Status: closed - See reply

2 years ago by lendurr for Rpg


RPG gamemodes must be changed every reset

RPG gamemode's must be changed every reset ....example:- Skyblock, faction(teleporters disabled),survival etc

#6229 - Status: open

11 months ago by DaddiVuduh for Rpg


RPG Suggestion:

Hello, I was on factions and I saw that there are chest hoppers. Since it's pretty hard to earn money on RPG.. I thought there could possibly be chesthoppers on RPG too. It will be much helpful and easier to earn money!
I think this can work well and be put on "premium items" for the cost of at least 1 Million?

Thank you,

#4081 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by SpanglyTwo10527 for Rpg


Furniture in rpg

lets add furniture in rpg because rpg is a roleplay game add furniture like computer chair phone tv and other mores

#4603 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by Fierzx for Rpg


Anti tptrap system (/warp end)

There are new tpkillers at /warp end, They kick people out of the world and people will lose stuffs easily

People protection system:
Disable /tpahere and /tpyes & /tpno commands

#8124 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 months ago by OmegaThanos for Rpg



Please reset RPG, it is by far my favorite gamemode, and would love to see it reset, even if it did not get a full reboot. I know you are probably busy with prison that just reset, but I would love to see you move on to improve and reset other game modes also. On a side note, the spawn area of the RPG used to be a little different, with like a large gazebo as the middle starting spawn area but g.. See more

#1427 - Status: closed - See reply

3 years ago by SuperDak for Rpg


Mre adventure more fun!

please add boses and dungeons so thhat we dont get bored

#1747 - Status: closed - See reply

3 years ago by TorpidFlares for Rpg



This would be cool and OP.This could change a'lot about ExtremeCraft.Net.
In it it would have p13 and unbreaking 10.
Swords have sharp 10 and unbreaking 10.
picks have EFF 10 and unbreaking 10.
(The pickaxe enchantments are included in every tool)
(the stuff mention up there is for Extreme Gear)
(batteries not included)

#1865 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 years ago by DoTroLipe for Rpg


Slime fun ( STB )

Hello , i hope u like my suggestion
I hope u can make ranked players can place more than 4 item router's in one chunk .

#1896 - Status: rejected - See reply

3 years ago by Cha1nSaw_ for Rpg


New fun minigame (not for prizes)

Make a MOB arena challenge map? team up with friends and take on the Horde of Horrors to fight your way through numerous levels to reach the final boss to earn some fun special item (and have like 20-40 different ones for fun/replaying), but make it adjust to number per party (up to 8).

#3396 - Status: closed - See reply

2 years ago by Adam_Malkovich for Rpg


Delete RPG.

look, im not angry neither mad. im serious. very serious. you must send RPG to the oblivion. i care for extremecraft so im here. many player when they join EC, start playing RPG caz they think WHOA THIS IS RPG! when i first joined ec(about 2 years ago i think) i thought RPG is a story-driven server focused on classes and special items. such a noob i was. so, when players join ec for first time, .. See more

#4128 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 year ago by Seeddinna for Rpg


Pets for accompany

It would be better if there is someone that could accompany you plus having them a skill and evolution

#8173 - Status: open

2 months ago by ZetaWaShi for Rpg


)()()()( Reset )()()()(


#8121 - Status: rejected - See reply

2 months ago by LB_RAPHAEL for Rpg