Why not make a bot to show the number of cps for the players
This will help to quickly know which players are using AutoClicker

#9521 - Status: open

10 months ago by XoverIsHere for Global


Dieu d sucker

Dieu ill let you suck my D if you reset every servers nto 1.8

#9520 - Status: rejected - See reply

10 months ago by iownyourmom for Global


Exotic rarity

I suggest to add exotic rarity along side boss / cta / legendary tiers.
The exotic gear would be the top tier tool in any server.
For weapons it should have s8 / unbr 7
For bows it shoud have p8 / unbr 7
For armors p8 / unbr 7
For tool eff8 / unbr 7
U can get an exotic key crate by fighting a monthly boss (slightly stronger than actual bosses)
Or from /store or by very tiny chance from bo.. See more

#9518 - Status: open

10 months ago by PainfulIsHere for Global



Add title "M16"

#9517 - Status: rejected - See reply

10 months ago by KnucklesK for Titles



add so that i can see who mentioned me while i was afk, it should show in chat after the afk period, included with "how long i have been afk" message.
it should show who mentioned me with the WHOLE message.

if what is above NOT possible, make a command that looks like this ( /rm ), standing for recent mentions, the command is dedicated to show when was the message sent, who sent it, and the .. See more

#9516 - Status: open

11 months ago by ClxudJr for Global


Add [Pig] to pay respect for techblade's death #technobladeneverdies


#9515 - Status: accepted - See reply

11 months ago by Sil3ntK1d for Titles



Bring back old OpSkyblock, 1.8 version and everything like it was 2 years ago, all i see is newbies and cheaters playing it every op members has left it.
And the old Green opsky pvp arena and CES plus Armors and weapons.

#9514 - Status: rejected - See reply

11 months ago by Sweter11 for Global


ExtremeCraft Dead

EC is already dead Every Old Player leave it and it must bring back it to 1.8 cuz the new update in Ec Is Relly Bad Like Rpg all players leave so it must be back

#9513 - Status: rejected - See reply

11 months ago by Alpha_L0 for Global


Bring EC(Extremecraft) Back

Updating The Whole EC To 1.17+ Is Alot Of A Bad Idea, A Lot Of People Cant Join With The Newest Versions Of Minecraft, Thats Why EC Is Losing Players, And Also The Very Late Resets Is A Reason As Well, For Example Survival, it Should Reset Every Year, Now It Been More Than 1 Year Already (Almost A Year And 7Months), This Server Is Suppose To Be 1.8.9 As How It Started, Or If You Want You Can Jus.. See more

#9512 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by On013 for Global


Bring back old RPG

The new updates made the RPG one of worst gamemodes i've ever seen, since RPG should be a hard gamemode to play
But every single items can be soulboud (undroppable)
And you don't need any pvp skills
Just a random newbie steve with soulbound weapons comes over the arena and 1 hit kill anyone.
And the new mcmmo includes making it more worse
So please, improve the new mcmmo and slimef.. See more

#9511 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by DeathXRebirth for Rpg



First of all , EC need to improve the Vote rewards in order to put the EC on top voting .
All of the players should donate a vote to make EC top . After that we can think of others improvement

#9510 - Status: open

11 months ago by KewLinh for Global


Unarmed mcmmo

The mcmmo plugin has been pretty fun until some players started to exploit the unarmed one in specific and it was very unfair for everyone else who didn't have it. some players got levels up to 1200 and started doing about 4 hearts to full protection 4 netherite players. In my opinion it should be nerfed because if you combine it with an invis potion you would do about 4 hearts a hit without.. See more

#9509 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by Amc1 for Opsurvival


Shift + Rightclick a player to see their inventory, hotbar items, offhand and worn armor

This was a pretty neat feature I've seen on another server, this way players won't have to /trade to show others their items and you can check the gear of your PvP enemy, etc.
This could easily replace the not-working trading that shift+right click SHOULD currently do.

#9507 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by ihsote for Global



I think miner key & haste II pot progression should be displayed on the scoreboard so we dont need to check /mine stats and keep scrolling.

#9506 - Status: open

11 months ago by PainfulIsHere for Prison


Mcmmo Unarmed

you should remove unarmed , because the potion of invisibility + high unarmed and autoclicker kill very fast and it's very annoying we work to get our items and they come with invis and auto clickers and take everything

#9505 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by Soares7 for Opsurvival


Attempt to focus on adding shortlisted suggestions

There are a huge bunch of shortlisted suggestions that go as far back as 3 years, if developers could focus on adding more of the shortlisted suggestions that would be nice, majority of those suggestions are really good and would probably be very beneficial to players

#9503 - Status: open

11 months ago by CherryBlo66om for Global


Reviving server (i guess) :D

unban all and bring fcking opfacs back or gai

#9502 - Status: rejected - See reply

11 months ago by AnteCRO for Global


Party slots

Okay, so some people bought party slots before and now have 100 to 120 and the new parties have 30 now I know there's a limit to online people but the overall average online score will be higher for them because they got more members so either u should bring back buying slots or remove everyone's extra slots.

#9501 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by MrHev for Global


Prison improvements

I'd like to give some suggestions that could improve the experience of playing prison and make that mode more enjoyable:
-ability to get pets that help increase the profit while mining.
-ability to buy/get a private mine for costly price. Can upgrade the blocks just like rankup but with double or more the original price.
-new enchants:
. Chain explosions: a small chance to create a cha.. See more

#9500 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by PainfulIsHere for Prison


Bugs/glitches that need to be solved (Creative)

The following bugs/glitches is what I have experienced in the creative server.

1. Most of the nbt data bearing items lost their nbt data while inventory was opened. This issue causes inconvenience since custom heads, banners, name tags, enchantments, fireworks & firework charges don't work as they should. For example when you open the inventory the custom head would turn into a normal pla.. See more

#9499 - Status: open

11 months ago by Flacson for Global


Coins for Titles

I'm thinking we could buy titles using in-game coins from the coins in lobby. I'm thinking 50k coins per title? This encourages people to vote more, which, as you know, promotes your server more. I feel this would be beneficial to all.

#9498 - Status: open

11 months ago by caidan33 for Global



So as we all know extremecraft is dead. What i think whuld revive the server is a reset on everthing prison,survival,opsurvival,factions and not to bring them up to date with 1.19 becouse extremecraft was knows for its teamfight and pvp in general thats why Us the pvper that were in survival and prison:
Assas.. See more

#9497 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by IChooseZey for Global


Reason Of Extremecraft's Death.

If you wont Update This Whole Server to 1.19 this server will Surely Die in 2023 or in 2022 December or 2024 January That time you should close this.
Extremecraft RIP 2018 to 2023. Pls Update Server to 1.19 & no kits only Claims No shop nothing, Reset End every week , Even NetherAll players Disliking this 1.19 Update suggestions if it continue like This Server " hogaya". Sorry For , But it fa.. See more

#9496 - Status: rejected - See reply

11 months ago by MarsAlien_2092 for Global


Prison reset And new stuff

So, since prison has a really long time to reset, you guys might not just reset it but put on some additional things. Some could be super powers in pickaxes like earthquake that will destroy the whole layer, could be bomb that would mine in a 3x3 area and a lot more. Not only in will bring back a lot of members from ExtremeCraft but it will also be much appreciated.

#9495 - Status: closed - See reply

11 months ago by _Tivious_ for Prison


Chad title

For real chads!

⣿⣿⣧⠀⠈⢸⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠟⠀⠀⠀⠀⢀⢃⠀⠀⢸⣿.. See more

#9494 - Status: accepted - See reply

11 months ago by PainfulIsHere for Titles