Mob hunt event ≠ PvP Arena

Hello, so, I've been getting alot of complains lately about Mob Hunt happening on the same place as CTA, or Envoys wich makes sense because it's the "PVP" arena and not "PVE".

My suggestion is to have 2 different arenas. One exclusively for PVP Events and the other for mob related events. With this I'm also adding it would be good to add Boss Fights againt wich they were fun and p.. See more

#10573 - Status: open

4 months ago by x69_ for Survival

Phonetic alphabet Titles.

We already got Alpha, as the first letter of the Phonetic alphabet, would be cool to add all Phonetic alphabet's letters.

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu.

Also other titles such as:

Special Forces, SF and SOF.

#10570 - Status: accepted

4 months ago by x69_ for Titles

Mob Event

Hey, can you make it possible to mobs drop experience during the mob event. Like this, Mending can be used for something useful, instead of bringing several sets and not having enough space to get items from the mobs. Kind regards, x69_.

#10419 - Status: shortlisted

6 months ago by x69_ for Survival

Survival Suggestions! x

Vote Crate Rewards:

We're getting ores, non-enchanted diamond tools, ingots, raw ingots, etc.. From my perspective, it's stuff most players throw away because they're useless right now. My idea was to change the rewards to: instead of non-enchanted diamond tools, maybe non-enchanted netherite or some good normal basic enchants, so then players could mix on the anvils. Like sharp5 .. See more

#10370 - Status: accepted

7 months ago by x69_ for Survival

Discord Super Reactions/Reactions.

I'm wondering if it's possible for players to be able to super react or react in every discord channel so that some important messages don't go unnoticed. It happens alot players asking the same questions over and over again because they don't go to updates or don't follow instagram, if they do see a message with alot of reactions, maybe will caught their attention. Not only .. See more

#10284 - Status: closed

7 months ago by x69_ for Discord


Hey Staff,

I'd like to know when a discount (christmas, easter, summer, something..) will be available, we all know the 50% discount is a market trick, it's the base price for everything. I wanted to know if you guys can add a new Summer Sale, or some type of sale with good discounts!

Kind Regards, x69_.

#9884 - Status: closed

1 year ago by x69_ for Website


Hello, Im here as an old minecraft player who recently joined back and found minecraft has changed alot since my last stay here. I've been playing solo survival 1.19.4 and has so much features and new stuff it feels like you're playing modded minecraft. I had extremecraft has one of my favorite servers so I decided to come back, and it's really different, somethings changed to good, .. See more

#9871 - Status: closed

1 year ago by x69_ for Survival

Anti Hacking System.

Hello Staff,

First of all I'd like to know if there's any plugin against X ray mod, because I didn't made my base yet and I'm feeling kinda worry about it, and if there isn't, it should be added :)
There should be an anti hacking system, I've played skywars and survival games, and what appears is that, these type of games are full of hackers.

Kind regards,

Kes.. See more

#2165 - Status: closed

6 years ago by x69_ for Global