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Vote Crate Rewards:

We're getting ores, non-enchanted diamond tools, ingots, raw ingots, etc.. From my perspective, it's stuff most players throw away because they're useless right now. My idea was to change the rewards to: instead of non-enchanted diamond tools, maybe non-enchanted netherite or some good normal basic enchants, so then players could mix on the anvils. Like sharp5 netherite sword, and then another like, looting3 netherite sword, or maybe lower level enchants. And instead of getting ores, wich they're pretty useless, maybe players could get like 3 or 4 stacks of random nice building blocks or useful blocks like sand or red sand for example, so you get something that you really take use of. And about ingots or raw ingots, maybe, if you want to maintain ingots, at least make a way so you can sell all of them. And raw ingots are not pratical, players want to go to vote crates open sell the stuff they don't need and use the good stuff. So raw ingots are just waste of time, and for the ingots, maybe do blocks instead and an option to sell each type, right now we can't sell diamonds. Maybe, add spawners again to vote crates, even if the chance is decreased.

Lottery Rewards:

For me lottery is kinda broken, it's really hard for players to win, and when they do win, it's not a good amount. The word itself, Lottery, players should get alot of money for the prize, if they do get it. Maybe 1M to 3M, or 5M reward maybe. For this to work, increase the tickets price? Or keep it, and just decrease the chance of getting but increase the payment reward.

Auction scams:

This should be added to Economy Offensive Behaviors. Players who do this should have a punshiment. It's not fun, and it's sad to see so many players scamming others on auction. People sometimes sell good stuff for good prices, and everyone rushes to buy it, and some random guy puts a different thing with the same name, and people lose alot of money with this. I know people have to check twice before buying it, but sometimes, with all the rush they want the good item, and end up losing money. I don't agree with this type of behaviour, neither should be allowed into our server. 1st offense could get like banned from the auction for like 3 hours, and 2nd offense 6 hours, and so on. Or maybe a -x% eco if the players keeps doing it over and over.

Hope you take these suggestions in consideration, kind regards,


#10370 - Status: accepted

4 months ago by x69_ for GameModes

Answer: Accepted

Thanks for submitting your feedback and showing interest in our server! We're happy to inform you that your submission has been partially accepted!

3 months ago by _OnePro_