Hello, Im here as an old minecraft player who recently joined back and found minecraft has changed alot since my last stay here. I've been playing solo survival 1.19.4 and has so much features and new stuff it feels like you're playing modded minecraft. I had extremecraft has one of my favorite servers so I decided to come back, and it's really different, somethings changed to good, others to bad. Why is most of the server offline, like one of or if not the biggest mode that attracts more players, Factions. I rembember the fun I had playing factions here and now is shut down.. But Im not here to talk about that, Im here to talk about the idea of you guys updating survival mode to the latest version, 1.19.4 so players can enjoy the new features without playing alone in survival world because it's boring ... and not by chance Im playing in another server because I really like this one. I've been Moderator/Helper and other positions in other servers and Im telling you this server has alot to be left alone like this. From what I see from the previous days, the community feels abandoned, always asking when things are going to change or why is this like this, why hasnt been changed.. and all the answers Im getting is the Owner didnt do nothing about it yet or let the Owner decide, or it will only change when the Owner feels like to. Well, you have an all staff crew to help with ideas and change things, why do you leave everything to the Owner to decide or make. Change things and transmit that to the Owner and since he has the last saying, he changes it or not. I wouldn't waste my time if I didnt see a huge potential on the server and if I didnt like it that much.. Hope you take this seriously and not just some other suggestion that goes by the archive.

Kind regards,


#9871 - Status: open

1 month ago by x69_ for General