Cobweb Gens Cost Too Much

I may have just joined the server, but cobwebs are too pricey. 50k for each gen is a lot which also equates to 100k every two gens which is a little too pricey. At least lower the price to 10,000 or 25,000 so others don't throw away 50k for just a cobweb gen for an ig farm or something else hat requires cobwebs. Thank you- xKirusanji

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1 year ago by RegularSavage for Factions



I belive that bedwars is one of the most played games on the server AND THE WORLD now obviously its hard to create something new for the server but i belive that if you could add a bedwars 1v1 future it would boost the server make it more polular and make it a better server,more players will come to take place in the EXTREMECRAFT BEDWARS LEADERBOARD.Bedwars youtubers could try it out while tryin.. See more

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1 year ago by poop_ore_yt for Global


The maps are too complex.

I just wanted to tell that the maps are too complex and it is really hard to place a block on the ground properly coz there are slabs and grass and stuff.. Well I guess you should try to have some simpler yet cool maps like hypixel..
I would really appreciate that..
A bedwars noob,

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1 year ago by gonebananas09 for Bedwars


Hello its about one glitch that is here for a long time maybe you know that like <<Invisible blocks >>. I want to express those probles that glitch can made

Well a lot of times someone throw an item that build a bridge blocks are invisible. What is the problem with that ?? People isnt able to jumb, sometimes stuck at invisible blocks or fall slowlly at the void. Sometimes it looks like hacks if you imagine someone walking at invisible blocks :/ . Well that glitch was annoying and still annoying but the difference between then and now is people start.. See more

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1 year ago by EmperorOfBananas for Bedwars


Its time for survival to get reset

Its been like 7--10Months since Survival got reset, and this past weeks,survival started getting boring and dead, and even after the prison reset alot of survival Players goes there, and so it keeps losing its fun everyday
i hope so that we see a reset on survival verry soon

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11 months ago by JrVince for Survival





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11 months ago by Sathusha for Global


Generator bucket

add a new generator bucket that generates gravel that works similarly to sand

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11 months ago by icuk33 for Opfactions


New Gamemode

I suggest adding SkywarsPlus Gamemode on skywars game mode like on PVP there's ranked and unranked it's like that and the map picker of SkywarsPlus is like gold or diamond and this game mode where there are no kits either votes only fair advantages and adding the elo when the player wins is 35 and the kills will be 5 so that the player will have good skywars experience and more points to.. See more

#6414 - Status: open

10 months ago by CreeperDj26 for Skywars


SG Kits

Kits should not be donator only. A system where every player can level up and unlock more kits is preferred, but it requires a lot of balancing and a custom levels plugin that accounts for kills, wins, etc. I realize this takes a lot of time, so to make it easier I suggest being able to unlock one kit every 10 levels. This makes it fair for beginners, and gives skilled players something to work .. See more

#6436 - Status: open

10 months ago by hyvil for Survivalgames


For News kits

Please add Chef Kit here's the item sections

2 Cooked beef
3 Bread
1 Chicken
5 carrots
2 potatos

#6446 - Status: open

10 months ago by CreeperDj26 for Survivalgames



Ban rev45s/normal 45s. Will make more action in the season. They take longer than every other regen and make it so you wallcheck every one hour you will be fine. Shouldn't be like that gives a faction no chance to raid a half decent faction a reason no f top faction has been raided.

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10 months ago by TheRealGary for Factions


Improved gens

Make a /gen command so gens are easier to find. Also make them go faster so you dont have to sit there waiting 10minutes to load 1/10 of a wall. Also make it so you can place the gen buckets on the bottom and it goes up so its the other way around.

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10 months ago by TheRealGary for Factions



So like what everyone know, lots of players are complaining about the op kits in skywars and these kits are used as a thing to win easily and to kill all the players in 30 second at maximum, and i also know that lot of player pay their money to get the ability to use these kits so what i'm saying is not to delete these kits but i want them to be removed at least for two days per week like on.. See more

#6492 - Status: open

10 months ago by xX_DiYa_Xx for Skywars


Read this :)

You should reset skyblock because its been more than a year, and honestly, its now boring for us that theres no more fun there. Its becoming more boring with time, so can you reset is SooN?

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10 months ago by MrLebanon for Skyblock


OpSurvival Reset

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been playing your gamemode, Opsurvival. It is a gamemode with vast features and overpowered things. But at this point of time, everything has been achieved by the players. There is no meaning of playing when you have everything. New players have to work a lot to get to the economic level right now. They start with $1000 but can do nothing. Even if they go mining by using .. See more

#6642 - Status: open

10 months ago by MCRoneetPro for Opsurvival



It would be an awesome idea in my opinion to make a parkour gamemode.This is because i love parkour and pvp the thing is i have pvp in this server but not parkour ive been waiting for this gamemode to bw out for 1 month and theres still no parkour gamemode.It would be an excellent choice to add a gamemode like this in the future!Thank you! Btw this is one of the best cracked servers in my opini.. See more

#6756 - Status: open

9 months ago by Brine for Global


Add Gametick Counter Tool

A game tick counter would be great for EC cause it means people can build cannons from scratch much easier which means a higher playerbase for the server. Adding this tool will allow people to actually build a cannon specifically a big one from scratch. Without it, they'll just scratch their head and go to another cannoning server with a gametick counter. I feel like the server right now is .. See more

#6842 - Status: open

9 months ago by jewnik for Cannoning


permissions in spawn

Allow /jump and /top in the spawn

#7114 - Status: open

7 months ago by icuk33 for Opfactions


a few suggestions

its my first suggstion(also i lack creativity but still)
1.i just cant find a mner key!its like 2 days i have been mining with minerfortune 5.so,pls increase the find chance by a little bit.
2.a few more custom updrades will be nice.for example=mayhem,this will mine a straight line of 12 blocks:onlyl lvl1 5% chance.
3.you can also make a 1.16 prison server.
thats it
also i think suggestion .. See more

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7 months ago by im_breez0w0 for Prison



Dear ExtremeCraft, when I use /f I find it really hard to search for all my friends and to see if they are currently online and most of the time I forget their names and I wouldn't doubt other people have a problem like this too. So in order to fix this is it okay if you add a button that searches up your friends with a click of a button and a button that shows online friends, if you add thi.. See more

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7 months ago by DepressoExpr3ss0 for Global


New leaderboard at Bedwars

I saw some servers have a daily leaderboard,it would be awesome if we get new leaderboard at bedwars that would show who got the most kills,wins,etc. for that day.It would need to restart every day like in 9am.We could like race with other players on that leaderboard and it could have a top player of the day,player who got most score that day.

#7359 - Status: open

6 months ago by uskezz for Global


stacked pots

Add stacked pots like strength and speed so you can carry more without losing inv space

#7469 - Status: open

6 months ago by Bosar18 for Survival



bedwars has quick shop to buy real fast and quick

ill try to say add quick shop at /shop to buy quick pls (shift + click ) to add fast

#7491 - Status: open

6 months ago by _R_E_T_I_R_E_D_ for Global



Add buildbattle, luckyblockswar, paintball, splegg that would make server's minigames more alive.

#7505 - Status: open

6 months ago by Painful_ for Global


New Gamemode :- Build UHC

Please Add This Gamemode To PvP Server This Is Very Famous Gamemode and this gamemode is best for practicing pvp

#7750 - Status: open

4 months ago by _ItsSavage for Pvp