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classic bedwars

add a new gamemode "Classic Bedwars", people like the original bedwars, it makes ec stand out, it deserves to be keeped, classic bedwars will be the same as the "classic" bedwars, which has the iron+gold gens and all that stuff, no gadgets and all.

#6596 - Status: open

11 minutes ago by midvoice for Bedwars



Scamming often happens now to people because those scammer knows that they will be just jailed in a few hours and the scammed item will not be taken back. I suggest that a simple scam should make players IP banned so that they would never think to try to do it.

#6595 - Status: open

10 hours ago by EfficascentOil for Global


Ichi title

You should add the Ichi title with pink!
Example : [&dIchi]

#6594 - Status: open

12 hours ago by AssasinL for Titles


Remove bow CE's

Bow custom enchantments are extremely annoying people are not having the skill of using an actual sword the only thing that has became is bow spamming and punch which is extremely annoying and there's no skill in it at ALL removing CE's from the bows will actually improve t he skill of aiming with the bow instead of just spamming it.

#6593 - Status: open

16 hours ago by SimpinYou for Global


Crewmate & Imposter Title

Hi extremecraft team,
You all know the game Amoung us, right?
If u want Crewmate and Imposter Title
Upvote so staff can see, and hopefully add it
in the game,


#6592 - Status: open

20 hours ago by Kyezxid for Titles



Crewmate from among us go brrr

#6591 - Status: open

21 hours ago by areyoumadIoI for Titles


spawner protecting

Make better rules about spawner protection. I also suggest that puting spawners into any kind of boxes and watering them should not be allowed.
Some people were putting each chunk in separate watered box in their farm so when you actualy breached inside base, you would be able to get only 3 of those boxes that ar ein line of fire, other 6 boxes with spawners would be saved by their farm design... See more

#6590 - Status: open

21 hours ago by KlausR for Factions



Since we don't know how long is the season going to last we might trade balance for Euros or other things only 1 or 2 weeks left from season ending... also its better so that we know how hard should we try to get on top and many other things.

#6589 - Status: open

1 day ago by P0Plin for Global


Add more gamemodes

I think you guys should add more gamemodes since they make servers pop out, especially Vanilla, in Vanilla, players should be able to do whatever they could do in Vanilla minecraft, no claiming land, no complicated stuff, just Vanilla, But with real players. But I do recommend you to add a tp command because then you could play with your friends.

#6587 - Status: open

1 day ago by Gautham0901 for Global


Ceggs Damage

Magic tnt was already buggy since you can not place it in a 1x2 or 1x1 or 3x1 4x1 etc. you need a 3x3 area unwatered to place magic tnt, now its also nerfed to 4-5 magic tnt to blow up obby and its hard to get magic tnt, Creeper egg damage had no wrong effect on doing damage to obby. If someone could cegg through a base thats their fault for not watering a certain area or have rev layers to stop.. See more

#6586 - Status: open

1 day ago by NoLifeJustSad for Opfactions


Spawner Changer

I want EC to make a GUI that changes spawner egg to your choice, It requires the egg to be in your inventory and it changes the spawner to that egg if you like. The gui will be more like villager gui.

#6585 - Status: open

1 day ago by MinecraftDying for Global


45 regens not allowed, auto cannoning not allowed

I will suggest again. Make 45 degree regen walls not allowed to have as base deffence, either normal or reversed.

Many people sturggle with raiding them, and is specialy annoying having them at y lvl of spawners. Since I never seen (with a reason) people raiding through middle of 45 regens, we can talk about "unraidible walls". I'v only seen people raiding them at y255 and under the.. See more

#6584 - Status: open

1 day ago by KlausR for Opfactions


Automatical sell block

Hey. I think it'd be very useful if everyone with legend rank or above would be able to automatically sell blocks that he mined using. The command would be /autosell toggle. It would be like /sell all but automatic and would not leave the 'you sold...' message.

#6583 - Status: open

2 days ago by WaterDce for Prison


Impact recoil

A custom enchant levels from 1 to 5
When below 6 hearts has a chance to recoil damage and Damage himself with his hit (also a chance of 50% damage recoil when 10 hearts)

level 1 has a chance to recoil of 10%
level 2 has a chance to recoil of 20%
level 3 has a chance to recoil of 35%
level 4 has a chance of recoil of 45%
level 5 has a chance of recoil of 65%

Downside the armor will ge.. See more

#6582 - Status: open

2 days ago by Im_BrainDead for Global


More slots in faction

would be good to get atleast 3-4more slots in faction

#6581 - Status: open

2 days ago by RillyoLL for Factions


/f shield

We should get f shield since not all players can play 24/7 and 8hour shield should be good.if u set it like 9am-17pm all explosions will be disabled on ur claims.

#6580 - Status: open

2 days ago by Vuck0 for Factions


Drop Party Time

We never Saw it DP in prison and other game mode
Started BRO its time to Drop Party STARTED bcz you didnt start 30ago and later
EveryPlayer waiting :D started :P

#6579 - Status: open

2 days ago by XxRetiredLordxX for Prison


Renaming Items with Custom Enchants

Make it possible for players to Rename items with Custom enchants, it's really pointless to have the feature on servers with the core of them being C.Es

#6578 - Status: open

2 days ago by xLaFlame_ for Global


to display items in chat

by holding the item in your hand and typing /display it will display the item your holding with all the details

#6577 - Status: open

2 days ago by gtnd23452345 for Global


May you remove TNT from DTP

May you remove TNT from Dtp mine
it has very little chance of getting it.

#6576 - Status: open

3 days ago by iMPe for Prison


please add this (:

please add this, i love my nickname :D:D


#6574 - Status: open

3 days ago by MyNameIsMico for Titles


Private game in skywars

Give the ability for the player to do a private game against friends to avoid hackers and toxic players. (earning points in private mode can be disabled)

#6573 - Status: open

3 days ago by sammaxwell for Skywars


Better Envoys


Envoys at the start of the season are worth going for, but as the season progresses it is not worth going envoys anymore.
Envoys should get better as the season progresses, maybe increase the chance of keys or increase the chance of a special envoy spawn.

I think this would be a good and welcome change.


#6572 - Status: open

3 days ago by MrW1nter for Factions


New title


#6571 - Status: open

4 days ago by xLucif3r for Titles


Bedwars tournament mode

Only people with over 1000 points can join to play it, YouTubers' can make the game customized and add features like jump boost or speed 3 and more,
people can vote for the map, it can also be a tournament for 2v2's 3v3's and 4v4's players can vote for the team they want to be in, bricks spawn fast but iron and gold spawn late, bridge limit should be 45 blocks high and shears sh.. See more

#6569 - Status: open

4 days ago by fullobby for Global