Romanian Titles

Add these titles [Alpha] [Beta] [Theta] [Delta] [Gamma] and [Omega] because why not?
These words are famous and people use it everywhere for like in Math problems, in Physics equations, in Rockets flight equations, in rays, frequency calculations and high Brainwave units (Hz).

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5 months ago by DeathXRebirth for Titles




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5 months ago by Sweter11 for Pvp



I believe some of the rules should be updated or at very least be explained a little better in more detail.

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5 months ago by Chief_McCloud420 for Website


tnt fill command needed

Please add tnt fill command in cannoining server.

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5 months ago by 2Fast2Soft for Cannoning


Server resets

Been a while since I last played EC and it has not reset any servers. Sad... Either add new ones or reset existing ones to regain some interest in some people.

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5 months ago by ItsMixed1 for Global


We want EC back

Hello there..
So EC is dead since a very long time..
I'm not here to suggest you to unban everyone or to make a new gamemode to grab everyone back..

I'm asking you to atleast reset the gamemodes that you already have.

I've been playing EC for a very long time and I've never seen EC as dead as now..
I really missed playing it.

Don't just close it as a duplicate sug.. See more

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5 months ago by Lucif1er for Global


Rotate Armor Stands in Y axis

i once wanted to make a swimming armor stand but it turned out broken and i had to break it, Dieu, please add this feature

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5 months ago by AlexBularca for Creative


Title - Celestial

Greeting ExtremeCraft staff members,
My in game name is 'ReaperRolys' and I have a suggestion regarding to your titles. I am aware that there are many other titles but I thought it would be great if you add this one more title which I thought of.

Title Name - Celestial
Color - Jet Black

I will be happy if you do add it.

Thank you!

P.S. If you ever happen to ad.. See more

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5 months ago by ReaperRolys for Titles



Yall decide to not unban all this is what yall get lol, everybody move to another server and make this server dead. every choise has a consequenses iven if you guys unban all right now noone will came cuz its already too late L for yall server. no update no vibes no teamfight what a massive lost yall made up, for years people make a lot of suggestiions about unban all to revive this server but .. See more

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5 months ago by Luciddsz for Global



I think its about time for another person to rule and fix this server.... , This server has alot of potential its just theres no new update no server resets, we get it Dieu you're busy so maybe its time to pass the ownership to another person to lead this server to its finest.... .

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6 months ago by ll for Global


This server is dying quick.

I don't know what you guys did but you gotta revert it. This server used to have 1k+ daily now it has barely 100. I do not know what you should do. Maybe sponsor some youtubers if you have the money to. Just get the server back.

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6 months ago by Turissimo for Global


Friends addon

i was thinking currently there are partys but not every party wants to add random people but some of its members may have more friends from other parties to fix that i was thinking of making it so when u /friend someone u wont be able to hit him nor will he be able to hit you (of course friendly fire will be able to toggled and untoggled but if one of them disables it it will disable for both of.. See more

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6 months ago by ItzZacKlocky for Global


#HeadAdmin _OnePro_

This person is the best worker in the ec Commission. He is the only person protected by this onepro server from death or from hackers
It also protects the server for a long time, and it protects the server for an average of 12 hours
#rankup _OnePro_

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6 months ago by XoverIsHere for Global


Replace Dieu

no explanation needed.

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6 months ago by Mario_Bro for Global


add title : and?

add title: And? or and? or "And"

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6 months ago by AbdoKing_ for Titles


opskyblock needs updates

the opskyblock players have been long wanting the gamemode to be updated
we would like the new 1.19 blocks so we can build more stuff with new designs
i would like to to request that for mudblocks to be added , everything coral wise to be added so i can make a tnt duper, the shop needs to get moe things added to sell and more stuff to buy so that the people can make more farms on the opskybloc.. See more

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6 months ago by infected237 for Opskyblock



this server has now turned overrated because of time and that needs to be stopped we need to help this server stay how it was in the past. like in the 2021 it was a piece of TOP NOTCH but now its just a stranded old place and we need to renew it. this suggestion is for the staff members and players we need to help this server. FOR GOOD.

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6 months ago by itsyassinboy for Global


Survival Plus

So guys me and my friends played survival plus like 2 years ago and they removed it and then extreme craft get like -100 players but If WE GET IT BACK EXTREME CRAFT WILL GET MORE AND +++ PLAYERS and we will have new friends and more fun and i will be fun playing survival plus it will be so good so please guys can we get survival plus it will be good game for playing and fun with friends and all .. See more

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6 months ago by RalesPlayz_ for Global



we should stop harting the ppl..
like my case, im some one who psychologically tired coz of ppl keep saying im scammer without proof !
im not scammer and i never scammed some one but they saw some one who said " sweetxgirl is scammer so every one will use this words and all of the server will think im a bad peroson
and i will lose evrey thing like ppl trust and cant trade with any one also my.. See more

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6 months ago by SweetXGirl for Opsurvival


To be recognized like a MAN

-andew tate (for the meme)

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7 months ago by BOSS_ISAZ for Titles


Normal Factions

As a member of this comunity for such a long time (almost 5 years) it really makes me sad to see the actual state of the server, low in players etc.
I would like to suggest the Factions game mode to come back because i can tell a lot of players would come back to play (including me and many of my team members on ECFinest) and would bring new players to the server too. It would be great to come .. See more

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7 months ago by DisapointedDelta for Global


More poetry

Yo I am lovin all this poetry people are posting to the suggestions XD

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7 months ago by Mario_Bro for Global


revive facs

facs was arguably the best gamemode and it is now dead, and you have done nothing to try to revive it, no new season, no new updates, no unbanalls

just bring back facs please

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7 months ago by noxynoxy for Factions


#ban SweetXGIrl Scam

Is it possible for two people to report to one person at the same time?And you don't help both of them And you trust this scammer Give me one reason why I lie I also want you ban this scammer If you do not ban this person, he will be defrauding many people and many people will hate this server and leave him. I want a convincing answer What do you want me to do to ban this scamer two people a.. See more

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7 months ago by XoverIsHere for Global


Less Damage to armor

listen here, if you want your server to be alive on opsurvival gamemode you should do this:
You should nerf armor impact from axes
ss: https://prnt.sc/t4a4nW1Fs3a4
fight would be more interesting and would last longer meaning more players coming on for CTA's and fights meaning poeople would actually play. More players means more money that server is earing better economy some people aren.. See more

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7 months ago by Nezeri_ for Opsurvival