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Make it not pay to win ya money greedy cunt


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1 month ago by dorro for Global


Custom Enchantments

I just have some custom enchantments here, hope you add it ;)
- Riposting I,II,III - Increase chances for landing a critical attack, 0.5 - 1% for level 1, 1.5 - 2% for level 2, 2.5-3 for level 3, this applies on swords
- Berserker I - Increase Damage and Attack Speeds, Chances to land critical attacks while you're on low health, about 1 - 2 hearts, this applies on axe
- Pyromancy I - Incr.. See more

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1 month ago by SEED_Gaming for Rpg


Insiding / Betraying

I Know A lot Of People Will Ask For This, But I Do Want To Add My Personal View. Insiding Is Fun If Your Doing It But Not If Your On The Receiving End, Servers Like Sacio And Others Have Made Insiding Punishable / Bannable Depending On The Case And Circumstances. Nobody Wants To Get There Loot / Spawners Taken That They May Of Paid Or Worked Hard For. I Also Think That Insiding Ruins Fun For New.. See more

#4527 - Status: open

1 month ago by Frogman100 for Factions


points system f top and rewards

points system
Apparently for each hopper that costs 300 cash in shop you get 2 faction points, and apparently for a chesthopper that consts 100k you get none. Also I placed some spawners (blaze and zombie pigman) also no points for them either. Please show list which items are gaining most points for f top and moreover redo whole item system cuz apparently faction claim will be full of hoppers.. See more

#4526 - Status: open

1 month ago by KlausR for Factions


I want this in my request some reward

🌹I am a player in this server for more than 600 days, I extend to you this my request to give to reward me, the reason is me of updates to some hackers i have long past with them, I do I reported them since 300 days I have a channel in YouTube "AbdouThePro" which include sections of hackers , my request is to give me some reward Not just me but for every person who Baltbulg them. Thank you.🌹

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1 month ago by xUnknownA_ for Global


Renew EggWars Hub and System

Right Now , Eggwars is dead. So can u make the new Eggwars Hub and System . Thats can make more people play EggWars and Make it Famous Again. Thank You

#4523 - Status: open

1 month ago by JianIsOp for Eggwars


TP - Killing

I heard that there was a poll last time stating "if anybody wants tp killing to be allowed in this game". I hope there will be another re-vote for this rule. This is because many are complaining that they were losing their valuable things after getting tp killed by players. I also really hope that those who last time vote that they want to have tp killing as a rule for this game, should reconsid.. See more

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1 month ago by _FieryPhoenix_ for Global


MMB-Middle Mouse Button to sell all.

MMB will stop about 50% of Auto Clicker use.It will make our Fingers Not pain..Pls add this.A lot of others want it.

#4521 - Status: open

1 month ago by bowXfire for Global



Chesthopper doesn't condense ingots to blocks when dropped from mobs (Such as Zombie pigman) and we have to use a lot of chesthoppers to collect all that gold.
Could it be possible to fix that bug please?

#4520 - Status: open

1 month ago by Foxicc for Global


/pwarp chat

My pwarp (/pwarp v trevitaking) is made up of a total of 10 admins. We have multiple of our own claims throughout the pwarp. If players want to interact with someone, /claim chat will not work because they may be in a different claim. /pwarp chat will let users talk to eachother at any location in the pwarp.

Thank you for your time

#4519 - Status: open

1 month ago by TrevitaKing for Survival


I wish the RPG server will reset this year.

Admins maybe this year 2020 the RPG will totally reset because the players on that server is decreasing as the time goes. Maybe the RPG is not so popular server on extremecraft but how about the players on that playing it? I know the plugins is not ready yet but the survival, skyblock, faction servers are always reseting once or twice every year! Me I mean we RPG players want you to be fair! We .. See more

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1 month ago by Imnooobro for Rpg


New Command

Hi! I Will Suggest For a good command , in this command u can Calculate calculations simply with /calculate and use (- + * / ) and press enter to check the result
i like this command bcuz it help to much when u got like spawners and farm and u want to know how much money u got from them ....

Suggested By Walid_Playz

#4517 - Status: open

1 month ago by Walid_Playz for Global


Bring back premium shop but with good prices!

Premium shop with the same prices of spawners in /ah will be a fair way to buy spawners/eggs instead of buying overpriced spawners and avoiding scams, and if you make it let it auto update the prices of spawners..

#4516 - Status: open

1 month ago by OreoMuffins for Survival


Map selector

Make map selector for bedwars nobody likes sakura, tusk it takes so long.

#4515 - Status: open

1 month ago by _DjDaniD_ for Global


Replace the Silverfish with Baby Slimes in Bedwars

It's so annoying when your bed is gone and 2 silverfish just come from behind and in front of you causing you to get ping-ponged between them and getting sent off the map while on a bridge, so replace the silverfish with baby slimes since they deal no damage.

#4514 - Status: open

1 month ago by CappyRatty for Global



Having a team without a team name? That's just awful, so I would like to suggest to add a /teamname command where the teamleaders can name their team whatever they want just like factions, people would love to see it displayed beside their rank, it gives a little motivation for others to play again rather than calling them team<leadersname>.

#4513 - Status: open

1 month ago by Zyrrut for Global


Opskyblock/acidisland Reset ?

Lets reset Opsky or Acid ? both are ded , lets make it fresh

#4512 - Status: rejected - See reply

1 month ago by of for Global


General title ideas overall

I recently saw a suggestion to add [Raider] title.

I deem that as unnecessary but I have an improvement to this suggestion.

I propose a list of titles (mainly aimed at faction servers)

Raider (as suggested before)
This would classify the player as a raider and show others what he's "profession" is.

Builder (probably already exists)
Shows people you are a talented builder.

P.. See more

#4510 - Status: open

1 month ago by RPGMuffin for Titles


Remove anti cheat

Hello! I suggest that anti cheat of opfaction should be removed cuz none likes it and its not fun i hate it so much i get like 5 sets and then go to warzone and get in
fight and after 2sec "Kicked for flying for related, kicked for killaura" everyone loses reputation and rages everyone should vote thumbsup its a very important suggestion
this anti cheat sucks tbh

#4509 - Status: open

1 month ago by ScoopyNice for Opfactions


Item filter

We've all heard of /itemfilter which whitelist/blacklist items that can be picked or not. But the item filter amount is very limited so it would be nice if we could whitelist/blacklist a category of items. For example, instead of filling the itemfilter(blacklist mode) with mobdrops we can just categorise it using an item(rotten flesh maybe) so that all mobdrops wont be picked. Of course this.. See more

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1 month ago by AbsoluteAdrien for Global



can we get a reset for opsurvival it's been awhile

#4507 - Status: closed - See reply

1 month ago by DevilLunitic for Opsurvival


Raider title

If you guys don't have a raider title already i suggest to add it because in certain game modes like opfactions and factions it would define someone who is a expert at raiding so people know what they are up against and I also suggest it be earnable by an expert raider.

#4506 - Status: open

1 month ago by xXShadow_LugiaXx for Titles


CUSTOM ENCHANTS overview and suggestions

Here is my view on current custom enchants and also some of my suggestions:

Keeper - make it rarer
Resurrection - not working, can remove
Invisible cloack - no one using, can remove
Pick Pocket - increase amount you can steal from target, makes it more fun
Lethargic - Increase chance and slowness effect
Chainer - increase bonus dmg (is it even working?)
Frantic - When your health is low.. See more

#4505 - Status: open

1 month ago by KlausR for Opfactions



Please disable spawners working when placed outside faction claims. Why? People tend to make hidden unclaimed bases which are basically not possible to find and raid their money farms. Also that way people can hide their wealth which makes game less competitive. Simple - want to make money? Make it on your claims.

#4504 - Status: open

1 month ago by KlausR for Opfactions



Please add commission one needs to pay to mine spawners in OPfactions and Factions servers. Lets say (30% of spawner shop value). Why? People just mine down spawners when they being raid attempted, and the raid ends there (That easy, after months of searching for particular base). This way either they will loose 30% or they gonna fight to the last man standing. Will make game more competitive.

#4503 - Status: open

1 month ago by KlausR for Opfactions