List of players

In /is hof, when you click an Island make that it shows a list of all the players in that specific island, maybe with the skulls of the players.

#10855 - Status: accepted - See reply

1 month ago by iH4x0rBunny for Skyblock


To fix and make slimefun "fun" again

Make network limit to 2000 again
add slimy tree tap
allow using abilities in pvp :/ why disable it made pvp fun now it pure vanila pvp ;-;
remove claim tax
reset or increase borders without costing money thats just stupid
the shard and soul currency are useless here
fix nano blade ( doesnt turn on )
make vote crate give better rewards..
fix slimefun items turning into vanila items
fix a.. See more

#10854 - Status: open

2 months ago by KNITE50 for Slimefun


Skyblock /is addpoints

Hey, make points = lvls and remove /is hof command, /is top was there for many years and its better then /is hof, is hof looks disgusting and not appealing + color names from /is top are broken there. Make blocks added with /is addpoints give u lvls same as normal blocks 1000 points = 1 lvl

#10853 - Status: open

2 months ago by Skiuba_ for Global


/f spawnsupply and lootpool fixes

Hello, please add the command /f spawnenvoy back to the Nexus Rank with a 40% succes and 60% failure rate. Also the lootpool of the current Supplychest is very messed up and 95% of the items inside it are worthless to fight for. The same goes for the PvP Arena Event Envoy, the itempool is weird and nobody needs anything out of it besides the Event Key if there is any help needed to fix the itemp.. See more

#10852 - Status: closed - See reply

2 months ago by EarlKaiden for Factions


Elaborate Rejected Suggestions

I suggest that you elaborate when you reject suggestions. Not the generic "Unfortunately for one or more reasons we have to reject your submission".
It will help the players understand and improve their future suggestions.

#10851 - Status: open

2 months ago by sReminisce for Global



Like old in opfactions, faction nexus rank can do spawn envoy if he's lucky. And now i suggest that please it back, 1 hour is too long to wait for 1 envoy also if u guys don't want to back it, can you make it lower the count of envoy instead of 1 hour you guys can make it 30mins thanks.

#10850 - Status: open

2 months ago by CzYumeii for Factions


Rigged Towny HOF

If you're one of the players who was affected by this in towny please up vote, it seems thats in the last hours of HOF copper and gold values were changed. This change costed teams thousands of points and giving team shrine a HUGEE advantage in winning this HOF, while making the change in values copper dropped to 5 for normal and gold went up to 8. Why do this last second of HOF, true indica.. See more

#10849 - Status: open

2 months ago by iH4x0rSnail for Global


Changing Values Last 5 Hours

Hello, I think it is unfair to change points 5 hours before HOF ends, to benefit the guy who literally suggested for his own profit, and let the others lose so he stays #1 and the rest lose for sure. Offering to lower Copper? Sure, he never mines and only /AFK his spawners that he got with P2W.
Buffing Gold? Sure he will suggest that, he has ZP spawners for passive gold. The rest are real grin.. See more

#10848 - Status: open

2 months ago by iH4x0rBunny for Towny



Hello, is it possible to buff swords? Because they are currently only seen as junk which is quite disappointing. The swords mcmmo isn´t really worth grinding since you cannot block with the sword and the damage output is just horrible. Please consider giving swords any kind of advantage besides the higher attackspeed so you can actually use them again. Thanks in advance.

#10847 - Status: open

2 months ago by EarlKaiden for Factions


Builder wands or allowing auto place for litematica(or simillar) for the non competive servers.

Ill be completely honest. I just placed over 25k blocks by hand in slimefun. And my base in skyblock will take just as many if not more as well. And I dont know about everyone else I dont want to get carpal tunnel from all the clicking(This is more of a joke). And yes while I could make it smaller however that takes the fun out of it. But whats not fun is spending literal hours on the outside of.. See more

#10846 - Status: open

2 months ago by Sfw_Mage for Global


Leadboard score points

Hey, I think there should be added points for being a member of any town/fac/island that is in top 5 HOF f.e:
#1 - 5 points/hof each member
#2 - 4 points/hof each member
#3 - 3 points/hof each member
#4 - 2 points/hof each member
#5 - 1 points/hof each member
The points would show in front of nick same as voting badges and a player could hide them if he doesn't like it. THe points woul.. See more

#10845 - Status: open

2 months ago by Skiuba_ for Global


Vote Crate fixes

Hey, the /auctionhouse is currently being flooded with ChestHoppers and SpawnerExtractors since the chance to get them now is too common. Please lower the chance to 0.03 to give this special item it´s worth back and make it possible to sell them inside the shop for 1/10 of the money needed. Everyone is also flooding the Vindicator spawneggs, that´s because nobody want´s to use them, since they c.. See more

#10844 - Status: open

2 months ago by EarlKaiden for Factions


Clan system

Hello Team.I play since over 4 years on the Server and i am missing like a clan system for more member and a better clan base and much more.Is it possible to get one i could send you one of mine if you need some.I hope its possible to get it inside of sliemfun or the whole server.

#10843 - Status: open

2 months ago by xXXxDragonixxXXx for Global



Could you reintroduce OpFactions for version 1.8.9 like it used to be in the past, and keep factions for version 1.20? This would provide greater diversity. Most players are over 19 years old and are accustomed to the older version of the game; they no longer have the time or desire to learn the new one. I guarantee that OpFactions would be a success and many players would play.

#10842 - Status: closed - See reply

2 months ago by BAronOfDeath_ for Global


For new Skyblock season

First off all, this season of skyblock was kind of bad a lot of things got removed or changed that ruined the fun of skyblock. First the start of the season was fun it had a lot of ways to get top 1 and it wasn't all a /afk war. So i will begin with things that we want you to add or change

Table of contents
1. Block change
2. Points
3.Quest idea
5./shop changes
6.Pvp Chan.. See more

#10841 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 months ago by Mitsuha05 for Global


Lets try higher HOF rewards for skyblock reset.

Hey, my reset skyblock every 8 weeks suggestion got accepted recently, I think it would make skyblock more active if the hall of fame was:
#1 500 / #2 400 / #3 300 / #4 200 / #5 100 voucher or with some PayPal payout as well, in that case, players will be interested in making bigger teams, as right now top islands manage to fight for the top with just 5-6 players as its not worth to split 200 e.. See more

#10840 - Status: shortlisted

2 months ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock


Souls from Vindicator

Make vindicator drop souls when killed

#10838 - Status: open

2 months ago by Skiuba_ for Towny


Towny block values

Hey I suggest changing block values to this:
-Copper Blocks - 7->5 points (same as lapis, the ores drop to much to give 8 points)
-Waxed Copper Blocks - 8->6 points (sure, waxing is waste of time let them add 1 point by that)
-Gold Blocks 6->10points (Emeralds will stay 1,5x better then gold, but 2,5x is to big of a difference in my opinion)
-Redstone Blocks - 0->5 points (Why no.. See more

#10837 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 months ago by Skiuba_ for Skyblock


Decrease the mobhunt time to atleast 10 minutes

I would love to decrease the mobhunt time, it's really boring and the winners are those who use fireworks so doesn't matter either way.

#10836 - Status: open

2 months ago by Endeavourings for Global


/printer command

Add a /printer command, which lets you go in printer mode which allows you to print cannons. You can make blocks like cactus, sand, sugercane, water, lava and anything that will change the eco or base building in any way not be placeable in printer.

This command will allow raiding and defending to be more enjoyable. You can set up cannons faster, you can side counter cannons faster and more!

#10835 - Status: shortlisted

2 months ago by minechats for Factions


Color in names

hello, it would be good if colors were added to the names as before, that is, green for those of your same faction, purple for your allies and pink for the truce, it is easier to identify people.

#10834 - Status: open

2 months ago by Mr_buzzbean for Global


Skyblock soul bags

Hello i so that at other servers are added soul bags at crates can you also add at Skyblock we alredy have hardest time getting spawners than others servers it would help allot Thank You.

#10833 - Status: accepted - See reply

2 months ago by Tighugis for Global



Why would we need a free Xray for everyone. Please remove /freecam this command should not exist in factions. Thanks in advance.

#10831 - Status: open

2 months ago by EarlKaiden for Factions


Bring back Prison as it was.

We all know why. I don't care if it's the same as before it just needs to be brought back!
I know you plan on doing it in some form, but it should be done this year at the least.

#10830 - Status: closed - See reply

2 months ago by FVerzide for Prison


Add leadeaboards for everything

Hey, add none-payout leaderboard for:
blocks placed
blocks mined
mob kills
online time
distance traveled
message sent
Just so players can see who has the most for fun! :)

#10829 - Status: open

2 months ago by Skiuba_ for Global