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Add "Revenge" - "Don't mind at night" - "fallen kingdom" as mc music in the lobbies.

#4446 - Status: open

1 month ago by Foxicc for Lobby


/f chest

Add like /f chest that u Can set prems who Can use it.Its like /pv but for faction and u will need to pay 10milion to buy f chest.

#4445 - Status: open

1 month ago by ItsVucko for Factions


Checkpoints on parkour

It would be fun if checkpoints are added to difficult parkour. E.g: Parkour in survivalgames, bedwars, skywars and so on...
I don't see anyone playing those parkour as it is too hard. (Players often rage quit when they fall halfway). This makes them not wanting to play it anymore.
It would be more motivating if checkpoints are added, at least we don't need to start all the way from the.. See more

#4444 - Status: open

1 month ago by IgniteZeus for Global


new title idea

new title :Thicc

#4443 - Status: open

1 month ago by SebastianRiel for Titles




#4440 - Status: open

1 month ago by Foxicc for Titles


/go pvp ADD

Add in /go pvp in gapple opsets

#4439 - Status: open

1 month ago by DivineStrike_ for Global



Hi. I think lag is a big problem sometimes. If you lag you should do /refresh, then lag would disappear and you don't have to leave when you're in game, now, when you're in game and you lag you have to quit, go press the "refresh" button and that takes so long sometimes! If you find one plugin that would help it should be very useful and it would help me a lot! I hope there's a p.. See more

#4438 - Status: open

1 month ago by xKittyUwU_ for Global



Hi would you add KittyQueen/KittyKing titles? someone who likes kitties whould buy this title I think. If you make it I'll get it for sure!

Thank you,
xKittyQueen_ (I like this name xD)

#4437 - Status: open

1 month ago by xKittyUwU_ for Titles


comments on suggestions

Allow everyone to comment on a suggestion to know everyone's opinion on a specific suggestion.
It's basically like voting but with typing like the old forums where we sent +1 along with our opinion.
With that, whoever considers the suggestion can know most people's point of view of it and can decide whether it should be accepted or not.

#4436 - Status: open

1 month ago by SlimeDce for Website


New Title

Please add the title

#4435 - Status: open

1 month ago by zYumir for Titles



add kpop songs on the lobby's music thing ;))

#4434 - Status: open

1 month ago by peowl for Lobby


New titles

Hello can u add titles that belongs to server types like :
.. Etc
It would be a cool titles tho

#4433 - Status: open

1 month ago by TheMemories for Titles


Spawners etc.

If you could could you
1. make it so you have to work to get ranks
2. not have to be legendary or higher to break a spawner with a silktouch pick

#4432 - Status: open

1 month ago by D_Pick_Ax for Global


A new title

I want ".noclip" to be added as a title colored in White, I think its a cool title to have though I can't purchase it since I am banned maybe others would enjoy using it and showing off it to their friends.

#4431 - Status: open

1 month ago by xIamForYou_ for Titles


Loan Scams.

It would be nice if loan scammers would get punished or at least talked with by staff since loans became so popular in prison. Loaning someone to then find out you lost your money is not nice. Thank you.

#4430 - Status: open

1 month ago by Gabbb for Prison



Add ender pearl delay for nodebuff/debuff
Like 10 sec or 15 sec
Currently they have no delay

#4429 - Status: open

1 month ago by Str8L1ne for Pvp


Quest rewards

For the longest time I've had the feeling that quests are just a huge gamble of whether you'll get something actually worth your time and effort.
An example as to why I feel this way is this;
For the hardest quests you have a chance to either get 4 quest keys or 20k for the completion of said quest. So why is this a problem? Because 4 quests keys on survival can easily be sold for 400k.. See more

#4428 - Status: open

1 month ago by ahsy for Survival



Hello can you put for chesthoppers a command or a sign to can add a team on it so everytime its pickup item and sell its go half to the team and half to the owner of chest its will be cool thx

#4427 - Status: open

1 month ago by Arvanders for Survival


New Title

BabyGirl in &d

#4423 - Status: open

1 month ago by HammerTime_ for Titles


Upgradable kits

I think that on all servers there should be a few kits that are similar to the extra kits on /store but are bought with in game money and are upgradable. Some kits for these would be similar to the worker kit that starts by giving wood tools and can be upgraded to give enchanted diamond tools but not quite as good as worker kit so people still buy the worker kit. A kit similar to warrior kit tha.. See more

#4422 - Status: open

1 month ago by llamakin15 for Global


ALT accounts

hi all,

my suggestion is to add premium alts to the server and make a special rank so you only can join factions & OP factions and no perms as /kit /vote and stuff like that.
I have played big faction servers and still got a lot of private alts but they're useless on extremecraft since its bannable.

This is only for premium accounts and NOT for cracked accounts

This is just a sugg.. See more

#4419 - Status: open

1 month ago by HighSkilled for Global



Add various ffa like nodebuff ffa
Soup ffa and etc
The current ffa is only Gapple and it's getting boring (atleast for me)
*ffa = free for all

#4418 - Status: open

1 month ago by Str8L1ne for Pvp


Some Changes needed in bedwars

These are some things that need to be changed to make bedwars a balanced and fun game mode. (in my opinion at least)
-Remove force field upgrade
-Double the price of explosive snowballs to 30 irons and snowbuilder from 10 gold to 20 gold
-Lessen or remove the number of decorations such as grass and flowers from maps
-Don't make islands too far apart.
-Place generators very close to eac.. See more

#4417 - Status: open

1 month ago by VxDs for Bedwars


New titles ?

Can I suggest some titles ?
Here :

#4416 - Status: open

1 month ago by of for Titles



Add cobble to chesthoppers :) U can also let players add blocks to chesthoppers for money at server that would be nice too :D

#4415 - Status: open

1 month ago by Skiuba_ for Global