Plz add more enchants

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4 months ago by ninja_778 for Survivalplus


bring back /ce or the forums page

i have looked and looked but there is no way to see the full list of custom enchants any more not in game and not on the website thats depressing.
i suggest bringing it back.

so i play opskyblock so instead of the short list of features you could add the commands to the induvial pages like on "https://www.extremecraft.net/servers/opskyblock/" you could have them down at the bottom so people .. See more

#8721 - Status: open

4 months ago by THExOCDxGAMER for Global


Bring back the good.

I started playing EC survival in 2017, and it was the best time I've ever had on a Minecraft server. A fully thought-out economy, a thriving player base that was helpful and friendly, and just an amazing administration that protected player to player trades. Ever since the latest wipe the economy has been completely destroyed, the player base has left (for the most part) and there's almo.. See more

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4 months ago by VIKDIDER for Survival



. 8888 8888888
. 888888888888888888888888
. 8888:::8888888888888888888888888
. 8888::::::8888888888888888888888888888
. 88::::::::888:::8888888888888888888888888
. 88888888::::8:::::::::::88888888888888888888
. 888 8::888888::::::::::::::::::88888888888 888
. 88::::88888888::::m:::::.. See more

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4 months ago by eOpae30LP for Global



The title says it all
why Are u still Reading this suggestion
ur wasting ur time
Are u gone yet
ok Idc ur bald If u kept reading

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4 months ago by WinnitXMichel for Global


BasketBall In Creative

basically SOME basketball head or something else just in a player's hand, where you can like Q or RightClick to just pass it or Throw it in the basket, and also a way for when someone touches the basketball (not the body just the basketball) it CAN be taken or something, this might just be rejected and I said this in a lot of my recent suggestions but I think its really cool.

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4 months ago by FlameyosFlow for Creative


spambot and hacker banned

don't hacker bots and spambot
look staff list
is done

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4 months ago by 0_luqazhary_0 for Global


Lucky blocks

Hi Can you let the summoners What the person get it from lucky blocks go to /Rewards
Because some people really When they mine They full all the inventory of Speed pots or haste or Night Vision
So boss summoner Disappear

#8712 - Status: open

4 months ago by Scp_911 for Prison


not really a suggestion but more of a question

why did sensible toolbox just disappeared out of no where?

#8711 - Status: open

4 months ago by clarkisC00L for Rpg


Creative top liked plots

a list for people who got the most likes on their plot AKA something like this
1st: NxDs
2nd: NxDs
3rd: NxDs
AND It goes on till there is only 1 liked plot or no likes, It's just a small detail It's almost like /baltop but in plot likes.

#8710 - Status: open

4 months ago by FlameyosFlow for Creative


Version backwards compatibility (When 1.17 arrives)

By the way, Please work on the 1.17 version because a lot of people would love it-
ANYWAYS when the 1.17 comes in some of the servers, Some people couldn't run 1.17 due to graphic problems, SO I was thinking of a Version backward compatibility something like "1.12.x - 1.17.x" or something like "1.16.x - 1.17.x" for example
but still also be able to use higher version blocks, I think it wou.. See more

#8709 - Status: open

4 months ago by FlameyosFlow for Global



hello Can I ask you to send an admin or someone can fix this things At sky wars
Item of spectate (Eye Of ender) not exist
Players Can not talk at public chat
Why I Can not use members Kits it shows to me
Farmer-No Permission- Rank: Member or higher

Also Can you remove that idea from your head that let everyone have kits man I think Pay2Win is better than that even it was rare to get Ext.. See more

#8708 - Status: open

4 months ago by Scp_911 for Skywars


New title

Title Peasant

#8707 - Status: open

4 months ago by evasionbread for Titles


Suggestion New Category

Remove Improvements and add retrogression category
Cause There is no Improvements on this server
So if you add it, we can report retrogressions. lol

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4 months ago by X_WarriorKing_X for Website



Trash server

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4 months ago by UnitedKingdomB0i for Global


Hardcore Factions

Hello, its me, Lazar. Its sad to see extremecraft dying. Especially factions server where i have been playing since i heard of this server. If there will be no vouchers, players wont play, because it will not be worth. If you look at other servers, skyblock etc. All those servers have payouts for top players. I know many players want to be part of ExtremeCraft family and play here. But its simpl.. See more

#8702 - Status: open

4 months ago by DqddyLaz for Global



Digthepit is a cool event on prison but my opinion is It's better to add some new blocks with different points
It would be cool huh ?

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4 months ago by Aaaagogobr for Prison



Hello, Today I have a suggestion for Prison dtp
For add some new blocks like brick blocks emerald, blocks, etc.. with random points it would be cool
Thank you for reading my suggestion :)

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4 months ago by TNT_TNT_TNT_TNT for Prison


Dream_Rayansh11 Suggest

hi i suggest a command in prison like we want to do /warp a or something like that to go on our old mines can u do /mine a /mine x or that pls i thick it would be cool

#8698 - Status: open

4 months ago by Dream_Rayansh for Prison


Mine P

Add a "Sell All" to Mine P cause there is no sell all on that mine.

#8695 - Status: open

4 months ago by OmegaThanos for Prison


Further information regarding server resets.

Hello. I would like to suggest the website to include detailed information on server resets. I have tried to find it by looking through other people's suggestions in the hopes of gleaming some info, but I found very few. I only play on Survival and didn't even know about it until a week into the game when I just happened to catch someone mentioning it. Even then it was rather vague as if.. See more

#8693 - Status: open

4 months ago by Duetva for Website


It needs to change.

As we all know...
EC has been a dark place for the past year. Hatred, Leaking; Mass exploiting and the developers inactivity. As a server regular back then I still look at the times where EC was fun with thousands of people to interact with.
Now that the server has died down its basically just left the people who know very little about the server-s lore and what has happened over the course of.. See more

#8692 - Status: open

4 months ago by WinnitXMichel for Global



Hello ...
I am Mr. Speed, a cheater, a cheater who knows her job well, if a moderator wants to get an SS from her, she knows her job well, what to do, where to go
And one more thing, thanks to Dieu and NxDs for their good server is the best server ...
I thank my friend Farbod Lol and the Extremecraft server. You have a very good server. The best server is missing Extremecraft.

Thank .. See more

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4 months ago by _McSpeed_ for Titles


PVP Improvements

Enderpearls needs cooldown because of them spamming getting out of the situation fast which is annoying because you'll waste time on ur pvp session
Bows also needs cooldown but this only goes to the Iron and Diamond fights since Iron are very prone to bow attacks that cause 1 - 1.5 hearts per shot

ok the current map are laggy as h**l and it can drop alot of fps for low.. See more

#8690 - Status: open

4 months ago by kinomiz for Pvp